what i want today: gorjana jewelry

it has recently occurred to me that, while my shoe and bag collection are pretty rounded out at this point, i’m woefully lacking in the jewelry and other accessories department. the truth is that i’ve just never been that great at picking pieces of jewelery that were designed to really accent an outfit…i’m much more of a “wear the same necklace every day” kind of girl.

but, i’m determined to change that. the truth is that i really am starting to think the accessories make the ensemble…so i need to get to work! lately, i’ve been eyeing several pieces by a designer called gorjana (who i’ve featured before), who does really stunning pieces at very affordable prices.

from their current line, i’m gaga for the coin wrap necklace, which i think would be just a fabulous staple piece. at 40 inches long, i can see it double-wrapped as a chic daytime look, or worn as a single strand for a night on the town. it just strikes me as incredibly versatile piece that would definitely be in regular circulation in my closet. at under $200, that’s a cost-per-wear i can get behind. this is the only piece here that i can’t seem to find at gorjana’s official website, but looks like you can buy it here instead 🙂

i also really love the 3-petal necklace, which i think would do wonders to improve the neckline of a boring v-neck top or an open blouse. plus, it’s definitely the bargain of the bunch, at $95. i also think this one would make a perfect gift – really, can you think of any woman you know who wouldn’t look fabulous wearing this??

and, if money were no object, i’d buy up a handful of their ‘regal’ bangle bracelets and layer them for a really fun, eclectic look. at $170 each, you might not be able to buy several….but they’re so classic and unique that i may just have to splurge and buy at least one.

definitely worth taking a look over at gorjana’s website, where all of these lovelies are available for purchase – you’re sure to fall in love with at least three or four pieces.

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