designer 101: hope and glorie

i spotted a piece by hope and glorie in a recent in style, and just had a hunch i was going to love the rest of the designer’s line. sure enough…after a bit of digging (they’re still relatively new to the scene), it turns out the masterminds behind the label have accomplished the impossible: chic, well-cut, well-thought clothing that’s beloved by celebrities…at prices that are actually reasonable.

crazy, i know.

designed by a pair of sisters, the line launched their first collection for spring ’07, so you get the benefit of getting in before their pricing goes off the charts.

the blouse i first noticed is this keyhole top (above), which comes in 3 different color combos. the most versatile is probably that black-and-white version, though the white-and-purple would be a great way to add color to a casual outfit.

but then i started looking at the line a bit more, and there are actually a lot of really covetable pieces…all well under $200, which is all but unheard of when you couple that phrase with with “as seen on jessica alba.” check out this darling ruffle cardigan – it’d be just the thing to add some fun to a basic black pant, or to take the severity out of a pencil skirt. the off-center placket gives it such great detail, and makes it wearable as a cardigan or just as a top. plus, that shade of blue is going to look amazing on just about everyone. love it, can’t do without it, will be buying it as soon as i finish posting here.

and, last but not least, it really is time to start thinking about those holiday dresses. their
halter dress in black and gold
gives you just enough detail to keep the black from being basic, just enough skin to keep it sexy without giving away the store, but the cut is so simple and classic that you’ll have this staple in your closet for years. i love the dash of spandex mixed into the silk – it’ll keep you dancing the night away even after that second glass of eggnog. and, again, under $200.

keep an eye on these ladies: i have a feeling we’re only going up from here! so far, couture candy seems to have the best selection of hope and glorie goods i could come up with, so it’s well worth a stroll through their site to see what else strikes your fancy.

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6 comments on “designer 101: hope and glorie

  1. Christina


    I usually agree with most of your posts, but this one just struck the wrong chord with me. The first top looks exactly like a nun’s dress thing. The white/purple is cuter, but not by much. The other pieces are just “meh” with me. Overall, I think you can find MUCH better clothing for under $150, or even under $50.

    But that’s just me! I would love to see what others say.

  2. shoppingsmycardio

    hey, christina! definitely to each their own….the world would be a boring place if everyone liked everything i did 😉

    i think these pieces are all about styling, but i think the versatility is what i liked about them – maybe i’m still on my layering kick from a couple of weeks ago!

    would def. love to hear others’ thoughts…i’m not too proud to be overruled! 🙂

  3. Anonymous


    I first fell in love with H&G at Lisa Kline in LA. There pieces are very versital and each season they seem to progress into an even better womens collection. I enjoy finding new independent lines such as H&G in an over saturated world of blah brands. I feel that we will be seeing H&G around for a long time….

  4. chrissy azzaro

    Someone brought this blog to my attention yesterday. Being one half of the design brain for Hope & Glorie I am happy to see that people have noticed the hard work and energy that we put into our clothing. This line is for the fun flirty girl who thrives in a fashion filled world. It may not be for some but i am okay with that. My sister and I make clothing because we love it and we know that not everyone will…So, I want to thank this shoppings my cardio head blogger for noticing us and calling us out!! You and your site are a breath of fresh air….I would love to send you some clothing so that you too can understand why we do this….So many thanks to you for your kind words, we appreciate it more than you know!!!

    Fashionably Yours,
    Chrissy & Nicole
    Hope & Glorie

  5. shoppingsmycardio

    chrissy, thanks so much for the comment – i love it when designers get a chance to check out posts about their products, as it shows that you’re very in touch with your brand!

    and as you say, every design isn’t for everyone – we all see things out there every day that don’t match our personal style. that’s the great thing about fashion: all of the options out there!

  6. Anonymous

    I LOVE Hope & Glorie. I actually have the keyhole top and purchased it for $136 (better than $150) at!

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