shoppingsmycardio addiction: bluemercury apothecary & spa

i recently got a chance to check out bluemercury, a new spa and apothecary that is growing at lightning speed, and just popped up in the san francisco area. i know, i know – another spa in san francisco? another beauty store? hear me out: the concept is pretty much sheer genius – and i’m completely smitten.

created by marla malcolm beck, the shop/apothecary section of the store consists of a large, but incredibly well-edited selection of skin, makeup and beauty products from lines like darphin, red flower, laura mercier, trish mcevoy, bumble & bumble…the list goes on and on (and on).

i have to admit that i’m a major beauty product snob at this point in my life, so it says something that i was jaw-droppingly impressed by the range of lines this relatively new shop has on offer. the reality is that a lot of these lines are really picky about what shops they’ll put their products into, so the fact that bluemercury has scored such amazing lines when it’s relatively new on the scene is incredibly impressive. i’m told that the company founder personally tests all products before letting them into the store – and that she still personally interviews every staff person. believe me, when you step into the store, it shows.

while i was visiting, i got the chance to try out their spa services with their “modern facial.” i’ve never been a person that goes for regular facials…the truth is that if i’m offered the chance to head to a spa, i’ll opt for a massage over a facial every time. but the esthetician at bluemercury literally worked magic – i walked out of the treatment room feeling more relaxed than i have after any massage, and my face was so soft that i literally couldn’t stop touching it all day. there’s no question i’ll be heading back to take advantage of her expertise (and the fabulously relaxing experience) in no time.

but my favorite thing about the experience at bluemercury was the staff. literally, from the moment i walked in the door, it was what i’ve been referring to since as the “anti-sephora” experience. everyone was incredibly friendly, but not obnoxious or forceful. i asked the store manager about eye cream recommendations, and the first thing she said was that we should talk after i had my facial, so that she could consult with the esthetician about my specific needs. and after my facial, as promised, she spent almost 20 minutes talking with me about the different ingredients in the various products, what she liked, why she liked it, what the company founder suggests, and why she suggests it, and ended up putting together a bag of samples that has me happier with my skin than i’ve ever been in my life.

honestly, i don’t think i’ll ever shop at sephora again.

most of their locations are east coast for now, though they do have a store in la and the new one in marin county. but they’re opening nearly 40 stores between now and the end of 2008. and, they have a website, so any of those products you get completely addicted to are just a click away.

to shop, peruse the spa offerings, or just check out all of the amazing products bluemercury has on offer, click on over to

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  1. Anonymous

    They have a Blue Mercury in Chicago in Lincoln Park, and I agree–completely fabulous, with wonderful service.

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