designer 101: candela nyc

i admit, the term “new vintage” is one that makes me crack up a little bit…and i really shy away from using it. really, all it means is “we found a way to get you to pay full price for vintage-looking clothes…we are so clever!” but with such a strong 1970s and 1980s influence shining through, i can’t really come up with a better description for the new pieces from up-and-comer candela nyc, so i guess “new vintage” can be a good thing after all!

candela NYC strikes me as a line that definitely has room to grow (the pieces are universally not quite tailored enough for my tastes), but i love the aesthetic, and i’m excited to see what they come up with in future seasons.

right now, i’m loving this gorgeous deco top, which would make for a fabulous holiday ensemble with jeans, slacks, or even just under a blazer. plus, i’d like to officially thank the designer for not deciding this top is a dress, just because everyone else is doing it this fall. the sequins and tunic shape are really on trend right now, it’s true – but the deco design is so classic and unique. i really think this would grow up to be one of those timeless pieces in your wardrobe that’s always in vogue.

also, while i have to admit that i normally have a pretty strong fear of the shorter boot (stemming probably from the sweater boots i wouldn’t take off in junior high), these lovely leather boots are hitting me in all of my happy places.

the cognac color is fabulous, i love the ankle detail, and the shaft of these beauties is high enough that i wouldn’t be walking around all day dreading the oh-so-unappealing look in which you cross your legs when you sit, and your pants are higher than the top of your boot (an irrationally strong peeve of mine). i think these are a safe bet for those looking for that pants-only boot option. and again, they have that fun, sort of vintage-y vibe that i think will keep them in style long past their trendier counterparts. for $300, if the leather’s as soft and yummy as it looks, that’s a pretty reasonable investment boot.

as i said, i think they have some growing up to do, but there are some great seeds here (for example, i’m loving the bianca tunic, but want it to be a bit less shapeless for a holiday look).

you can check out more from candela NYC at active endeavors, and i’m thrilled to let everyone know that they’ve been nice enough to offer shoppingsmycardio readers a 20% discount sitewide with code “cardio”!

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