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rose gold is one of those colors i’ve always had a secret affection for, but i’ve never really felt okay about embracing it…until recently. now, all of a sudden, rose gold is actually becoming acceptable, and even fashionably fabulous (outside of QVC circles, that is), and i’m pretty excited about it.

the wonderful thing about rose gold is that you get the warmth of gold (gold is just about always more flattering to skin than silver, i have to say) without the predictability. plus, you can mix rose gold with yellow gold or with silver/platinum, and either are perfectly okay. not so with the gold/silver mixing, which i still struggle with daily. best of all, rose gold (especially when it comes to jewelry) just has this fantastic, vintage air about it that always seems to make me happy.

take for instance that moss mills audrey necklace we talked about a while back (available in rose gold, yellow gold and silver). i’m still completely obsessed with it, and am coveting it in a way i haven’t coveted anything in a very long time. one of these days, it will be mine. but as a stopgap, you could always substitute with this perfectly lovely pink bubble necklace, which will set you back a measly $7 during the urban outfitters sale.

also, the new loeffler randall for target line launched a couple of weeks ago, and while i’ve been waiting for my shipment to arrive before i give my full review, i can say that i have a very confusing love/hate with this rose gold clutch. the color is fantastic, and the construction is actually much better than i was expecting. but the style…i absolutely hated it the first time i saw it, but lately, it’s been growing on me, in a weird way. and now, i can actually totally see myself carrying it – though i’d use it to ramp up an otherwise very casual, weekend-type outfit.

of course, if you’re leaning more toward the ‘hate’ than the ‘love’ on this one, you could always snap up this yummy “no strings” clutch in rose gold, by the lovely rebecca minkoff.

this watch by tiffany & co. is so very fabulous i hardly know where to start. then again, for $7,000, it should be. but do you see what i mean about the rose gold? it just gives the watch such a unique touch – it makes it so much more interesting than it would be with a yellow or white gold face. of course, if you’re not ready to shell out more for a watch than i paid for my first three cars (ahh, the ford festiva…good times, good times), there’s also a quite lovely option by burberry. or this stunning vintage rolex i’m obsessed with…a relative bargain at $5,300.

even rose gold shoes are making me happy these days. there are several in that loeffler for target collection, but none are really as fabulous as i was hoping they would be. i do, however, love these by giuseppe zanotti (naturally, since they’re $550)…and these by pedro garcia, which are just lovely, and happen to be on sale.

if all of this talk about rose gold has you jonesing for a major jewelry purchase, but your wallet’s as bare as mine these days, i think your best bet at immediate gratification (you know, besides the $7 urban outfitters necklace) is in your friendly neighborhood cosmetics department. remember what i said about rose gold being oh-so-flattering to just about every skin tone? try it out as a creamy eye shadow, and i think you’ll find yourself batting your lashes at every mirror you see. or, stila loves rose gold so much, they’ve made it into a gorgeous finishing powder, so your whole complexion can be as glowy as if someone had just handed you that yummy tiffany watch!

take my word for it: this might be the first time in a long time that you’re hearing about rose gold, but it won’t be the last!

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  1. Beauty411

    I was really disappointed in the loeffler for Target collection also. I so wanted to love those shoes!

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