shoppingsmycardio gift guide: valentines for everyone!

when it comes to valentine’s day gifts, i sort of think you have to go cheesy or go home. i mean, the entire “holiday” (a term i use very, very loosely) is built on pink hearts, for heaven’s sake. so, you have to either be bitter and cynical enough to just ignore the whole thing (which is totally acceptable, by the way), or you have to just say “to hell with it,” and jump on the candy heart bandwagon. since a gift guide full of cynical, ignoring-like gifts would be really, really dull, i went for the other extreme.

truly, though, i think one of the biggest problems in this world is not enough people buying themselves presents. so hey, if you don’t have a third party to buy for, don’t be all down in the dumps. happily buy one of these lovely gifts for yourself – after all, you’re saving loads of money not having to take someone out for a frighteningly overpriced dinner on the 14th.

this itsy bitsy ‘love’ necklace by lena wald ($220) says it all, without shouting it from the rafters. check out the modeling pic to see how delicate and subtle this beauty is.

for the right guy, these heart cufflinks ($15) would be an absolutely perfect gift. not a bit cheesy, these will let you indulge your inner romantic without making him wear the schmoopie on his sleeve.

i can think of at least two people i know who would happily give just about any gift their valentine wanted, if they received these gorgeous recchiuti chocolates ($24) in return. bonus: your valentine might even share.

if you go the chocolate route, why not go cliche all the way and add on flowers? but please, please forego the FTD. instead, pick up just a few gorgeous blooms (no need to go for the classic roses. try peonies, tulips or lilies) and deliver them to your sweetie in this beautiful milk vase by uncommon goods ($28).

this LOVE sculpture would be fabulous as a paperweight, bookend, or random chotschky mix-in on the shelf of your choice. comes in several colors, but i love this bright, cheerful blue best, as i think the crazy color eliminates any trace of cheese. pick it up at colette, a delish french website i’ve recently fallen for. sadly, flash only, so you’ll have to look it up the old-fashioned way (hint: head for the design section). it’ll run you about $100, give or take the euro conversion and subtracting VAT.

or, if you’re looking for something really decadent, i spied this stunning diamond ring (also available in yellow gold) by marco bicego at a local jeweler a few weeks ago, and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. it’ll set you back about $1,800, but hey, can you really put a price on the kind of happiness that only comes from such pretty, sparkly things? apparently so.

and as long as we’re doing overly decadent gifts for girls, it seems only fair to offer the male equivalent of pretty, sparkly things. these watches by nooka confuse me greatly. something about time being told by dots filling up? makes my brain hurt a little bit, to be honest. but they’re nifty to look at, and i think my very geek-minded (though still incredibly cool) hubs would think this was fantastic.

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