shoppingsmycardio valentine’s giveaway!

i’ve been so excited to announce this contest! the absolutely lovely people over at your conscience have recently redesigned not only their website but their entire line of eco-friendly garb, and to celebrate, we get to give away fun prizes and such!

for those who haven’t seen my prior write-ups, your conscience is a truly fabulous company who has managed to come up with a really clever way of mixing fashion and social responsibility. every time you buy one of their darling tees, they donate $5 to the environmental org of your choice. so basically, they manage to make my impulse buys into environmentally responsible acts. i heart these people.

they also recently added a couple of new items to the line: a tee designed to benefit the folks rebuilding their homes in new orleans, and a set of four super-portable reusable tote bags, which i’ll be snapping up just as soon as i’m done writing this.

best of all, though, your conscience and shoppingsmycardio want so desperately to be your valentine that we’re going to buy your love with free stuff. three very lucky shoppingsmycardio readers are going to receive the chance to pick one item of their choice from your conscience – a tee or a set of totes – and it’ll be sent to their front step completely gratis!

to enter, just comment on this post and let me know which item you’d choose, and what you love about it. naturally, anonymous posts aren’t going to get you anywhere – first name and last initial, please!

we’ll choose a winner on valentine’s day (when else?), so be sure to stay tuned to find out if a valentine from your conscience will be on it’s way to you!

good luck, everyone!!

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43 comments on “shoppingsmycardio valentine’s giveaway!

  1. Katie

    I love “Conserve”! Depending on proximity, I bike/run/walk to be environmentally conscience and get in a workout!

  2. shelly g.

    I love the support T-shirt because I live in New Orleans! I came to New Orleans for grad school in 2004(so yes, I was here for Katrina), and after I graduated, I decided to stay b/c we need people to live here and work so New Orleans can get back on its feet!

  3. ::skh::

    How cool! I’d pick the support T-shirt because it looks bad ass and is for a good cause. Plus, I’m already stocked on totes and I look horrible in yellow. Sarah H.

  4. Jen

    I have to have the tote bags because normal t-shirts won’t fit me for much longer! I love enviro friendly companies and I would be excited to get the totes because I have already stopped using plastic bags to grocery shop, and I would love super cute ones to shop with!

    Jen A.

  5. MW

    I love the breathe shirt. I’ll admit I was attracted to the darker color at first, but I read the blurb and learned that refueling when it’s cooler is better for the environment. I had always been told to refuel when it’s cool because gas expands and contracts so you get a bit more for your money when it’s cool. Ummm hello… less fumes is a way better reason!!!

    Melissa W.

  6. Nora

    Oh and PS. Preserve is my favorite because I love the look of the tree, and also because trees are so important.
    Nora N.

  7. Homemom3

    I love the Preserve tshirt, the tree is such a beauty to look at and somehow trees just seem to have that inner peace just looking at them.

  8. tiaraco

    As a Floridian, surfer and lover of all creatures of the ocean (land animals too!) and a supporter of shoreline clean-up, I would choose the Protect tee.

    Great Company & Great Cause!

  9. Monique H

    I would pick the Protect shore lines t-shirt because it’s my favorite design and also because I really like the cause (not that I don’t believe in the others because I do).

  10. Amy Catherine

    I’d pick the “Support” shirt because I love the cause and the shirt. I’ll probably buy it if I don’t win it.

  11. Catherine M.

    I guess “conserve” has the edge because spring is coming, but it was a close call … I like “support” and “breathe” too. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  12. Jessica B

    I’d have to go with the support one. I live and go to school in New Orleans and I support anything that is trying to rebuild one of the most amazing cities in the world.

  13. Bebemiqui

    Oh man, those totes are great! I’m so tired of the plastic bag buildup.
    Sara B.

  14. Erin

    I love the totes! I hate plastic bags for shopping (stopped using them during college), and these would be great to give to friends.
    ~ erin b.

  15. Stacey Moore

    i love the Peace shirt because of the message behind the shirt:
    Dream about a Peaceful World? Wear that cause on your sleeve. Do more than dream. Help others in need, be color blind, volunteer in your community, mentor a child, be kind to your neighbor, teach someone, everyone can make a difference.
    thanks for a grat giveaway!!

  16. lace

    What a difficult choice! I love the conserve shirt and I love the totes. I think I might be leaning towards the totes. I don’t have any reusable totes yet.

  17. Savannah

    I love the color and message of the Breathe shirt, but I’d definitely pick the shoppers. The messages are so much more creative than the usual “I’m not a plastic bag” sayings and I think I could generate so much more interest in the web-site with bags I can use everyday (I realize there are enough T-shirts to wear throughout the week, but I’m so not a T-shirt everyday kind of gal)!~Savannah S.

  18. sara l.

    Since we are really trying to become a more “Green” family, I would have to say I would LOVE the totes! I don’t have any reuseable bags yet…So these would be GREAT!My favorite tee is the “Preserve” tee, though…We LOVE the outdoors!

  19. Laura M

    I would love to win the totes…I’ve been meaning to make the switch from plastic and just haven’t gotten around to it. These would get me moving in the right direction and are super cute! Love your blog!

  20. kevnjacks

    Great finds! I’d love to win the toes b/c ever since I’ve started switching to reuseable bags, I’ve found that they’re so useful for everything and that I can use more of them. 🙂 Thanks for entering me!

  21. Anonymous

    While I am in support of all of these causes I would say I would choose between Support and Preserve. This planet needs all the help in can get!


  22. Christina

    I LOVE those totes. My local Lucky’s and Safeway have banned plastic bags, and these would be a great alternative to paper (breaks, gets wet, etc.)!

    And the messages are all at once inspiring and witty.

  23. Heather

    What an awesome company! I’d love to win a “Peace” shirt! I have a one-year-old who I can’t wait to teach how to love everyone around her, and help make a more peaceful world.

    Thanks for introducing me to such a great company!


  24. Kim

    I absolutely love the “conserve” t-shirt! With the onset of Spring, the yellow color and the bike itself is thoroughly appropriate. These tees send a wonderful message in a very fashionable medium! Hooray Your Conscience!

    -Kim N

  25. Little ole wine drinker me

    I love the tote bags to use instead of plastic grocery bags… plus I don’t have a valentine this year 🙁
    Lauren K.

  26. BrineS

    Wonderful stuff! I would like to win The New Orleans Green Project Women’s Tee…large, please! 😉


  27. Don and Lisa Osborn

    I would choose the men’s Support New Orleans tee. My brother-in-law has lots of family in NO who has seen this devastation firsthand. I think he’d appreciate the sentiment of the tee…



  28. windycindy

    Hello, They are both wonderful because they sponsor such worthwhile projects! For the long haul, the totes would help a lot in the environment. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  29. Cassidy A

    The “Support” shirt pays tribute to the New Orleans heritage and old-world-gothic aesthetic, and it’s a great, subtle reminder of how much work still needs to be done to restore the city. Plus in a pinch it can double as a Saints tee!

    I’d take one in women’s medium.

  30. Anonymous

    I think the shirts are awesome, I’m debating between the bicycle or the wave. I like the bicycle best because it’s more me, I bike all the time. But I like the wave too.

    Melissa B

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