valentine’s giveaway winners!!!

sorry for the delay in announcing winners…i was out spending a perfectly lovely day with my valentine!

a great big thank you to everyone for entering – really. i hope some of you newbies will stick around & become regular readers…if only to get a shot at more free goods in the future. but, without further adieu, the winners of the fabulous valentine’s giveaway, generously sponsored by the folks at your conscience, are:

sara l., who said “Since we are really trying to become a more “Green” family, I would have to say I would LOVE the totes! I don’t have any reuseable bags yet…So these would be GREAT!”

sarah h., who said “How cool! I’d pick the support T-shirt because it looks bad ass and is for a good cause. Plus, I’m already stocked on totes and I look horrible in yellow.”

and savannah s., who said “I love the color and message of the Breathe shirt, but I’d definitely pick the shoppers. The messages are so much more creative than the usual ‘I’m not a plastic bag’ sayings and I think I could generate so much more interest in the web-site with bags I can use everyday!”

apparently, your first name had to begin with an “s” to win this one. (totally kidding…random drawing, as always. please do not send hate mail if your first name begins with a letter other than “s”.)

so, congratulations to the winners – you’re all getting the valentine of your choice from shoppingsmycardio and your conscience!! make sure you email me sometime in the next 48 hours (i’ll give you until monday morning)shoppingsmycardio at – and i’ll get all of the info i’ll need from you to get your prizes out to you! if i don’t hear from someone by monday, i’ll draw another winner, so make sure you email me!

and a really serious thank you to the team at your conscience for sponsoring this fabulousness…i do so love giving things away, but when i get to generate interest in a good cause at the same time, i’m just about beside myself!

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