just a little valentine brag…

i’ve been wanting to do a little piece about this designer, and my valentine gave me the perfect excuse…

…isn’t it just lovely!?

sigh. so anyway, the designer. his name is marco bicego, and his pieces have only been available in the united states for a year or two, but they’re finally starting to take off. you can find his wares at several of my favorite stores, including shreve & co, saks, and my friendly neighborhood jeweler (who i love for offering me champagne while i shop…i do so love being sucked up to!).

anyway. every piece is handmade, all of the gems are hand cut, and all of the metals are hand-etched. i just love almost everything this designer has to say – his pieces are unique without being too heavy or ornate, and they’re distinctive without screaming designer (david yurman and judith ripka, for example, make me crazy). much as i love my designer goods normally, i do sometimes enjoy keeping people guessing.

there are loads of lovely pieces to choose from, but my faves are the bracelet above (naturally) and the fabulous ring i included in the valentine’s day gift guide last week. ooh, and this gorgeous gold necklace, and….you get the idea.

i strongly suggest checking out the designer’s website for some lovely eye candy. and keep your eyes peeled…i suspect you’ll be seeing much, much more from him in the near future.

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