a fashionable quandary…

okay, all, SMC has a fashion dilemma of her own, and i need your help.

you should know by now that i’m obsessed with french sole’s rebel flats – they’re in my top 5 favorite shoes in the shoe closet, which is serious praise indeed.

so, when the new spring colors came out, my lovely friends over at barefoot tess (totally digging their new website, by the way) torturously let me know the minute they arrived. naturally, i ordered both. but even i realize that three pair of the same shoe is too many.

so, between the stone (which is actually this lovely dove grey in person) and the blue (a fabulous, electric color that is just perfect with jeans), what’s a girl to do?

the stone color is clearly the more flexible option – they’re sure to go with just about everything, making them the perfect travel shoe too. and i love the passing similarity to a certain oh-so-iconic ballet flat (yes, that photo is of a gross, fake version…it’s for illustrative purposes only, do not purchase!).

but the blue is just so pretty!! (can you hear the whine in my voice even through the internet?) they’re definitely more divine and striking…but shouldn’t utility be a major factor?

sigh…i need guidance, dear readers. WWYD?

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6 comments on “a fashionable quandary…

  1. littlemonkey

    I vote blue… which is unusual for me, with my practicality and all… the other pair you currently have in your closet is nice and versitile, and the blue ones are so fun.

  2. ::skh::

    I was going to vote stone because I actually think I like them a tiny bit more than the blue. But, littlemonkey makes a very good point about the other ones you have being so versitile.

  3. Reese

    totally the blue. its so perfect for spring. and it makes the shoe. and i have these in tan and black for winter but im definitely getting the blue!!!!! these are the shoes that are always in your purse as a back up for when your feet hurt!

  4. Jessie

    BLUE! Much more fun & if you are like me you have tons of black, white, grey tees to wear it with.

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