celeb alert: gerard darel bags

i know, we don’t often do the celeb-stalking thing here on SMC, but i couldn’t resist today. gerard darel has been a superstar in europe for years, and he’s finally catching on stateside. i got a little sneak preview of his latest collections in my in-box this morning, and couldn’t resist sharing this mega-size hobo that all of the starlets are carrying around lately.

and it’s no wonder: if you’re still insisting on toting a bag that will actually carry everything you need all day (instead of sacrificing preparedness for the beauty of that cute little clutch), darel’s midday midnight hobo is just about perfect. i love the rich, saturated colors, and the leather is so wonderfully slouchy that it just melts into your torso when you wear it. a nice feature on a huge bag, as it allows you to carry it without looking ridiculous, no matter how stuffed or empty it is.

to snag the bag that katherine heigl, jessica alba, cameron diaz and the like are loving this spring, head to shoprumor.com with your $895 in tow. they’ll have to special order it for you, but having tried last year to obtain a darel bag in the US, i can tell you it’s all but impossible. i love that gorgeous orange-red that cameron’s carrying (duh), but the purple is definitely of-the-moment, and that green is absolutely stunning too. you just can’t go wrong.

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One thought on “celeb alert: gerard darel bags

  1. Girl-Woman

    I vote for the orange-red. I have been looking for the perfect bag in that color. Love-love it.

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