what i want today: ekobo kitchenware

i’m in the process of decorating an entire house (in fact, stay tuned for a design week coming up soon!). let me tell you – it’s not as fun as it sounds. there are so many choices out there, and i find something new i want every single day. i think decorating doesn’t mesh with someone who spends her days shopping online, as you really need to have made a final decision when you order a $3,000 custom couch.

so, i’m reveling in the indecision and overbuying that comes with the territory in the “home accessories” world. items like these stunning (and, might i add, environmentally sound) kitchen accessories by ekobo, rock my design world without stripping my wallet.

the gorgeous bright lacquers make these the perfect showstopper for any dining table, but also make them incredibly functional. i love the teardrop-shaped “tempo” platter ($48), which is a perfect design for passing appetizers – not enough platters have edging, to save your perfect mini-quiches from the dreaded plate slide. or the gorgeous “sumo” bowl ($125), that has a fabulous, modern shape, but retains those thoughtful details, like the highly useful handles.

check out the entire line at ekobo’s website, but hit up the conran shop to buy a few selected items. you might even be able to order in your favorite – it’s always worth asking!

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One thought on “what i want today: ekobo kitchenware

  1. Cupcakes and Cashmere

    you’re so right, everything is that much more appealing in bright, summery colors! flea markets are great resources for finding pretty bowls with a vintage flair for super cheap!

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