what i want today: barbar flat iron


my spending priorities are so skewed, it’s truly bizarre.  i won’t think twice about dropping $1,000 on a handbag (well, that’s not true…i do think twice…but i inevitably plunk down the gold amex shortly thereafter).  but ask me to spend $150 on a flat iron i’ll use every single day?  forget it.  

so you should know that for me to finally cave and pick one up…well, that’s a big deal.  but before i did it, i tested more flat irons than i can reasonably admit.  i asked stylists (who said it had to have ions and an adjustable temperature), i asked friends (who said it had to be really narrow in width), i asked total strangers (who told me to back away slowly, and stop touching their hair).  and when my hairdresser finally told me i had to get one because the daily blowdrying was slowly killing my hair, i ended up with this barbar “2200 ionic charger 1-inch flat iron”.  and it’s fantastic!  

literally, i can go to bed with my hair damp, wake up with it looking like i spent the night doing all sorts of bad things, and in five minutes, it’s sleek, slick and…done.  and truly – i had no idea something could heat up this fast, but i have to tell you that the digital temp display might be my favorite thing ever.  the thing heats up in easily under 30 seconds…and watching it go really is sort of amazing.

plus, i’ve been using the thing nonstop for at least a month now, and my hair really is happier.  must be those ions, or maybe just the fact that my hair is so relieved to be freed of the apparently very damaging round brush – but whatever the cause, i’m thrilled with the results.

find yours at barbar’s website for $160 – i predict you’ll be singing its praises sooner than you think.

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4 comments on “what i want today: barbar flat iron

  1. Cupcakes and Cashmere

    oooh i’m intrigued! i end up spending so much time after washing, blow drying and then flat ironing that i typically just do nothing at all. this just might be the thing that motivates me to stray from my endless ponytails!

  2. alison

    i have one very similar to that, and it’s a life-saver! i always thought it would be disastrous ironing my already damaged hair, but not bad. i feel better knowing it’s ionic (i know it’s a good thing).
    it’s funny how we justify some purchases and not others!

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