cheap thrills: botkier for target

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the latest designer collection arrived at this morning, and you’re in luck…it’s not terrible!  the new line from botkier actually appears to have some hits…naturally, mixed in with the predictably bad misses.  this collection is actually the closest any have come to echoing the deisgner’s full-priced wares, in my opinion…with gryson’s target collection running a close second.

i’m surprisingly very tempted to pick up the fuschia hobo above – i’m thinking it will be the perfect pop of color during the rainy weather ahead this winter (because, face it – these babies aren’t leather).  it reminds me strikingly of the isis hobo from botkier’s spring line that i came dangerously close to buying several times…but if i buy this one, i won’t feel bad about tiring of the color in 3 months.

that grey python satchel above is one i’m optimistic about, but would have to see in person.  the styling is right in like with botkier’s classic bianca satchel, with a little bit of their nomad collection thrown in for good measure.  i actually love the styling, and do like that they’ve gone for simulated exotics, rather than the predictable patent everyone heads for when using faux leather.  the exotic embossing could be a great trick to disguise the vinyl.  i just worry it’s going to look a little too urban outfitters for my taste.  but seeing is believing.

i’m a little more skeptical of the less-structured bags.  for one thing, botkier just isn’t as familiar with the style – they’re known for structure.  and for another, the thing that saves non-structured bags is the way the leather drapes and puddles…and these just aren’t going to have that quality.  but i like the distressed color of the silver, and again, i think it was an interesting way to disguize vinyl.  so, i’ll be really interested to see if that silver hobo above is fug or fab, but i have much higher hopes for it than for the gold hobo, which i think is just a little too gold, and the bronze tote, which just looks all wrong somehow – like a cheap diaper bag gone awry.  but i do think the white clutch above (also available in that fantastic fuschia color) is a safe bet – the stud detailing just screams botkier, and this one is much more in line with the designer’s signature styles.  i just wish more of the target designers would stop trying to get overly creative with these collections…there’s a reason it’s a signature design, people!

as you all trickle in to target over the next few days, i’d love to hear some more reviews!

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4 comments on “cheap thrills: botkier for target

  1. Jessie

    I was torn on these bags, but I actually like the idea of using one as a diaper bag…(For my sister) Vinyl seems like the perfect material for that!

  2. Always In Style

    Jeepers, how did I miss the Botkier and Target collaboration?!

    It sounds intriguing, especially that grey python satchel, but I’ll reserve my opinion until I actually get to fondle them in the store. Of course for $40 you could get caught in a downpour and just shrug it off as you mentioned, you really can’t go wrong.

  3. Alyssa

    Exciting! I like the white clutch. However, I have to say I am usually disappointed with the designer-goes-targé selections, so I’m not getting my hopes up too high.

  4. Meagan

    I saw a few of these in Target today. Ouch. They’re just cheap looking. Surprisingly, my favorite of the lot was the unstructured purse in gold–it looked OK, and somehow managed to have that “leather drape” you were talking about.

    But I’ve gotta say–some of the Gryson bags look a lot nicer than you’d expect, and they were on sale (in AL at least)!

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