elizabethW giveaway: and the winner is…

okay!  so the winner this week is Melissa W., who won that amazing elizabethW eau de parfum with the bonus entry she got for posting the contest on facebook!  here’s what she had to say:

I took this “assignment” as an excuse to post about your blog to my Facebook page, inviting my friends to see why I laugh in their faces when they accuse me of being into fashion. Hopefully they will come check out the guru. 🙂

i love how we always end up with winners whose quotes are so nice!  thanks for the lovely words, melissa – and enjoy that fab new perfume!  just don’t forget to email me by monday morning with your mailing info, so we can get that sent out to you (assuming i don’t swipe it for myself!  kidding, kidding…)

if you didn’t win, i still strongly encourage you to check out a fragrance or two from elizabethW.  if you need help narrowing the field, drop me a line at editor[@]shoppingsmycardio.com…i’m a total addict, so i know their fragrances pretty well by now!

huge thanks to everyone who entered, especially those of you who tried something new and spread the word about shoppingsmycardio to score that extra entry in the contest!  what did you guys think of that twist to the giveaway, by the way…should we keep it up?

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