SMC weekend reads: chasing harry winston

i know, we don’t do a lot of book reviews here.  but i’ve been stumbling across all of these great new reads lately, and thought i might not be the only one always in search of a new book – especially during the summer, when some of us actually have time for leisure reading.

most of you will remember lauren weisberger from the devil wears prada, the famous and oh-so-thinly-veiled account of her time working for anna wintour at vogue.  but in her new book, chasing harry winston, the fashion industry is definitely in the back seat – despite some truly fabulous harry winston earrings that make a cameo, there’s really only one fashionista in the group.  without going into too many details (oh, how i hate book review spoilers…are you listening, new york times?), three friends make a pact that within one year, they’ll each have accomplished a different goal.  as we watch them work to make their plans come together, there are the usual men, exotic travels, faux pas and missteps, together with the antics of that one friend whose life is so fabulous, you love to hate her.

this book, unlike weisberger’s previous novels, makes no pretense about being anything other than chick lit – it’s definitely standard formula fare.  but you know, that’s fine with me…i get a little tired of authors being terrified of being lumped in with chick lit.  i have no idea why – chick lit sells better than most other genres, it’s light, fun, enjoyable…yeah, makes total sense you wouldn’t want to be in that group.

digression aside, weisberger’s book is definitely worth picking up for your next poolside weekend.  it’s a little on the predictable side, but very well written, with characters you root for and a plot you’re anxious to see resolved.  and really, that’s all i’m looking for this summer.

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2 comments on “SMC weekend reads: chasing harry winston

  1. Jessie

    Love the book review idea! I had been eyeing this trying to decide if it was a worthy read.

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