what i want today: gorgeous summer nails

one of my favorite things about summer is that i get to break out my favorite bright nail colors (toes only, thank you!).  since i spend more time than is at all rational debating the merits of various shades, i thought the least i could do is share the fruits of my labor by letting you in on my favorite classic colors for summer.

when it comes to fingers, i’m all about neutrals – and i’ve been wearing opi’s “samoan sand” since the day it arrived.  i love that it’s sheer and goes with everything, but the hint of brown makes it more subtle and sophisticated than my usual sheer pinks.

this summer, everyone’s been talking about chanel’s “facets d’or” gold polish.  and it’s lovely, no doubt.  but i’ve been completely sucked in by “splendeur”, a fantastic shade that goes on fuschia, and dries to the perfect raspberry pink/red hybrid.  plus, there’s just something lovely and girly about wearing chanel – even when it’s nail color.  splendeur has been my go-to all summer. 

for a more fun, girly hot pink shade, i’ve been loving “i’m indi-a mood for love” from opi’s fantastic new india collection.  to be honest, i love just about every shade in this line – it’s well worth spending some time with. 

if you’re more into reds, chanel’s “dazzling” is that rarer-than-rare flattering orange-red.  what they lack in quantity of color choices, chanel always makes up for in quality.  literally every shade i’ve tried is gorgeous, and i’ve never used polish that’s stayed on my nails longer, which makes it well worth the $20 pricetag in my book.

last but not least, metallics are always tricky for me, but chanel’s new “kaleidoscope” (not yet available online) is the best shade i’ve found, hands down (no pun intended).  it varies from a warm green gold to deep grey to liquid silver, depending on the light.  it’s surprisingly neutral, and is a warm enough tone that it won’t keep you from wearing gold jewelry.  opi’s “charmed by a snake” is a very close second…the shade is this amazing bronzy brown/pink shade that’s so beautiful, i might even give it a try on my fingers when the weather cools down.

what about you?  what’s your go-to shade for summer? 

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2 comments on “what i want today: gorgeous summer nails

  1. Jessie

    I am so boring! I have two finger shades I use all year. I prefer Essie polish.
    On my fingers I like Ballet Slippers or Champagne Toast. On my toes I like After Sex which is a pretty Claret Red(funny side note in more conservative areas of the country it is called After 6)
    and for a fun vampy color I like Lady Godiva, which is an almost black chocolatey-brown.

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