asked and answered: cool fanny packs?

it was bound to happen…a reader question that had me completely and totally stumped.

Is there such a thing as a “cool” fanny pack? Something that can be worn for a runner/jogger or traveling?  I was thinking about this the other day and of course, you came to mind.  A friend of mine has a cute LeSportsac one, but I don’t really know how “cool” it really is and who can really pull something like that off.  ~ A



well…i said i’d answer any and all reader questions, and i meant it, darn it.  

so, before we get into the fashion faux-pas issue, i don’t think a fanny pack when used for running has to be “cool” – i think it’s pretty much all about function at that point, and i’d hit up my local REI – you only want the necessities with you, and anything too heavy is going to cause chafing, which is definitely a fashion don’t.  though, for me, i think this arm band pocket by nike would be much less annoying than a waist pack if i was actually running…no jostling, and no risk of the aforementioned chafing.

for travel, that’s another matter entirely.  i’ve never been an advocate of “travel wear”, unless you’re wading through a jungle.  when i travel, one of my favorite pasttimes is pointing out the tourists – white tennis shoes, hawaiian shirt (regardless of climate), pockets stuffed with maps, cameras, and brochures from various museums…and a fanny pack (or one of those travel neck wallet things, possibly even worse than the fanny pack!).  so, i’d start by saying i think a fanny pack puts you at greater risk of being mugged, etc. than a regular purse, because it effectively plants a big “i’m a tourist” sign on your back.

besides the goofy tourist factor, i don’t know about you, but i’m not looking to add bulk to my midsection…and nothing accomplishes that like strapping a bag full of your daily necessities around your waist.

soapbox aside, i did manage to find a few non-heinous options, if you’re willing to suffer through the aforementioned challenges.  first off is the now-famous gucci belt bag, whose resurgence in popularity a few years back is due to an appearance on sex and the city, being sported by the lovely sarah jessica parker.  at $495, you need to love it – but at least you’re on trend while wearing the fanny pack, which is tough to manage.  and that silver is actually sort of cool, i must admit.  then, there’s also this posh turnlock belt bag from marc by marc jacobs, but it’s also pricey at $228 – and i’d much rather see you spend $250 on a handbag you’ll love than a waist pack you’ll constantly question. 

in terms of bang for your proverbial buck, the lovely writers of bunnyshop reminded me that there was one option i found long ago that i think is the closest to “cool” i’ve ever seen for a waist pack.  etsy seller bonspiel creations is a longtime favorite of mine, and they make several cute-as-a-button options, in two different sizes ($64 and $32), that i think one could actually manage to pull off without slapping that “tourist” sign between your shoulderblades.

does anyone have any other ideas for our darling reader?

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  1. a

    For running, by far the best brand is Fuel Belt. They do come in a range of styles and colors, but are far from stylish! Camelbak also makes a few styles specifically for running now, too.

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