luxe or less: sporty cardigans

i’ve been obsessing over this cricket cardigan from vince for months now, ever since i spied it on the linesheets for fall.  i love the overly preppy vibe, and the potential to turn the styling completely on its head.  i’d pair it with a plaid trouser for fun, or layer a long tee underneath and accessorize with chunky jewelry or a bold scarf to keep it from being too j.crew circa 1994.  

but then, i spied this rugby cardigan over at urban outfitters…for less than $50.  look familiar?  true, the color is slightly less fabulous, and the styling is definitely less finessed.  but the price is almost $200 lower.  it begs a very frustrating question:  how much love will i really give this fun little cardi?  

and so, i turn to you, dear readers – would you spring for the luxe, or save with the less-expensive, and slightly less lovely version?

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2 comments on “luxe or less: sporty cardigans

  1. JennyBunny

    If you are going to wear it for more than a year, I say go with the pricier one…. Since it’s cuter, a better color and well-made one!

    They are both so cute though!

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