what i want today: latin souvenirs from lama designs

thanks to the lovely victoria of sfgirlbybay, i came across a stunning new site featuring loads of the best wares latin america has to offer.  my travels south of the border have been limited to the usual cabo/mazatlan cruise circuit, but i can tell you that even that limited exposure showed me that this is one occasion on which it’s better to buy your souvenirs from the comfort of your couch than from the roadside haciendas outside the cruise dock.  every piece is beautifully crafted, inspiringly colorful, and otherwise just plain wonderful.

sfgirlbybay’s finds are amazing, but i thought i’d show you a few of my favorites as well:


i just received the gorgeous new sofa i ordered back in may, which means i’ve been a little throw-pillow-obsessed of late.  all of the pillows at lama are making me happy, but i love the childish, fun vibe these animal pillows ($120) radiate.  my fave is the llama, but that little burro is running a very close second.

and i can’t think of anything more perfect for my next summer barbecue than to dress the table up with one of these gorgeous oilcloth tablecloths ($40) – i love the vibrant summer colors and the low-maintenance ease.  with this much style on the table, i’m pretty sure i could serve KFC, and no one would notice.  i’ve seen these before, but this version has a contrast-finished edge, which makes it much more stylish than others i’ve come across.

all of the ceramics on the site are divine, but i can’t get this lovely little vine bowl ($160) out of my mind.  the piece is definitely pricey, but amazingly intricate – i can hardly believe it’s only 6 inches across.  it would be the perfect place to store your most-used pieces of jewelry.  i’m also completely in love with this bright turquoise bird tray ($75) for the same purpose…and it could easily double as a drink tray or something else wonderful when you’re entertaining.

i could go on and on, but well…you’ll find it all on your own.  just make sure you don’t miss the eva peron storage boxes, the gorgeous mexican striped laundry basket, the…  well, you get the idea.

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4 comments on “what i want today: latin souvenirs from lama designs

  1. Jessie

    I completely agree with you about buying a trinket from the land of your vacation before you leave! The bird tray is adorable, I have a tray that I use for my baubles on my dresser but this one is so much more fun! Thanks for the great finds.

  2. Megan

    I love to shop for local souvenirs wherever I go, whether loclally or internationall y. We got a great wooden salad bowl set in Costa Rica 4 years ago and I love it, it brings me back to our trip and all of the great memories. I have also been to Mexico and I think the best thing I got was a tan. This site looks incredible for adding a little Latin flavor and color into my home. I think, too, that thi skind of stuff never goes out of style no matter how colorful it is!

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