weekend read: are you there, vodka?

i confess that when i first saw are you there vodka it’s me, chelsea by chelsea handler, at the bookstore i wanted to buy it if only for how funny it would look on my bookshelf. 

but then i saw this shining endorsement: 

“chelsea handler writes like judy blume, if judy blume were into vodka, ecstasy, and sleeping with midgets and nineteen-year-olds.”  ~ jennifer weiner, bestselling author of in her shoes

i had to have it!

if you have ever seen chelsea handler’s tv show “chelsea“, you know that chelsea is tall, blond, leggy, gorgeous and loves midgets.  you want to hate her until she speaks.  the girl talks like a truck driver, has a dry wit, and laughs at her own jokes the way we all do when we have been drinking too much.  chelsea is a ‘mean girl’ but in the funny way that makes you still want to be her best friend.

without giving too much away, chelsea chronicles such gems as:

  • going to a costume party as an m&m in february and not having panties on. 
  • dating men with red hair.  enough said. 
  • making an appointment with a hot gynecologist to try and score a date. 
  • and my personal favorite (no i don’t condone drinking & driving):  prison break, the story of her first DUI, which landed her in jail for stealing her mormon sister’s identity. 

the essays are all peppered with off-the-cuff jokes about celebrities.  aren’t you dying to know why maddox jolie-pitt always looks so pissed? 

i actually enjoyed are you there vodka it’s me, chelsea so much that i ran out to buy  her first book, my horizontal life.  both are quick reads, and great for lounging by the pool.  just try to resist the urge to read passages aloud to your lounging partner – they might try to steal it! 

next time, i’ll tell you about something that is not a memoir, although truth is sometimes funnier than fiction!


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6 comments on “weekend read: are you there, vodka?

  1. Always In Style

    How weird – I just looked at this book on Amazon this morning — I swear! I was searching for the latest from Lucky Editor Jean Godfrey-June “Free Gift With Purchase…” and this one came up too. It looks hilarious, I think I may run over to the library on my lunch break and check it out.

  2. Jessie

    Elizabeth & Always- You won’t be sorry! I was cracking up. Chelsea is the perfect combo of every girlfriend you have ever had who was slightly off!

  3. Terri Stange

    I am definitely going to buy both of Chelsea’s books after reading this review. I love talented, pretty, slightly mean, witty women. Direct, honest and funny,…is that talent or just good character? I vote for good character.

  4. Ashley

    Alright, you sold me when you said the Jennifer Weiner gave the book a good review. I actually am not a huge fan of Chelsea, but I need more humor in my life. I’ll get it a shot.

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