deal of the day: dean harris for target

i can hardly keep track of what’s going on at target lately – designer collections are lining up so quickly, it seems like a new one releases every week.

as usual, though, i’ve fallen for one that’s gotten almost no recognition.  dean harris, a jeweler whose designs you’re usually accustomed to seeing in gorgeous, upscale shops like barneys (with extravagant prices to match) has lent his eye to a new jewelry line for target.  and it’s actually quite lovely.

harris is known for his edgy, twisted-wire pieces, but my favorites from the target collection were those with a little more panache.  the notable exception are these lovely silver leaf earrings ($24.99), which have just enough edge to keep them from being too precious, and are the perfect size for daily wear.  there’s a similar version which includes a dose of green quartz, and i admit i’m torn between the two.

i have to admit, though, i’m most excited about that fantastic double-layer beaded necklace ($59.99)  i have something similar from the lovely and talented jennifer tuton (stay tuned, by the way, for a peek at her newest wares soon!), but the aquamarine stones in her version aren’t quite as versatile as the clear quartz in the dean harris version.  for the price, it should be a fairly substantial piece – i’m excited to check this one out in person.  i think the styling options are endless, particularly with the 24″ length, which should lend to its versatility.

of course, you can get a much lighter look from this gorgeous green quartz necklace ($39.99).  i love the way the stones look like random bubbles on a chain, and i’m dying to wear this with a silk blouse and heavy tweed trousers this fall.  it’s also available in clear and rose, but that green is just lovely.

i also love this twisted vine bracelet, but for $99.99, this is one i have to see in person – $100 for jewelry from target is tough for me to swallow.

in general, this line is impressively well-made, i have to admit.  they’ve used semiprecious stones and actual metals, instead of plastic, and the beaded pieces are individually knotted.  it’s definitely better than i’d expect from a target jewelry line.

check out the entire line at target – they’re offering free shipping on purchases of $50 or more from the line, which should be easy enough to accomplish.

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One thought on “deal of the day: dean harris for target

  1. Always In Style

    Thank you for posting – I had no idea.

    I LOVE the green quartz earrings – if you don’t mind I’m going to post something as well and of course link back to you.

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