what i want today: fashionable politics

in celebration of the democratic convention kicking off this week, it seems only fair to give you some of the more fashionable ways to strut your political stuff.

if john mccain’s campaign started the internet buzzing with his ad mocking barack obama as the world’s most famous celebrity, paris hilton’s rebuttal had it screaming.  of course, after we all stopped laughing, i think there was a simultaneous pause, in which we all thought “wait, paris hilton’s solution to the energy crisis actually makes sense…”.

but since this site is about shopping, not politics, we had to resist the mockery….until we heard a rumor that hilton was designing her own line of “paris for president” tees.  while the line has yet to be released (it will be sold exclusively at l.a.’s kitson boutique), there are hundreds of political tees out there for you.  while not all are fashionable enough to receive a mention here, we have a few gems for you, no matter what your affiliation. as paris would say being political is hot…

baracking the vote” is definitely the more fashion-forward choice over being a “mccainiac“, so there are more choices out there for our liberal readers, to be sure. still, we’ll do our best to keep you looking fab however you vote.

i love the sir alistair rai barack the vote tee in navy ($32), with proceeds going straight to camp obama. you can also head to your local urban outfitters for the barack progress tee in black ($28), recently rocked by beyonce. another celebrity supporter, halle berry, sported the public library obama rama tee ($22) tee.

after a lot of searching (and laughing) at mccain fashion options (seriously, who wears a mccain muscle tee?), i found some fun tees for the mccain supporters too. my favorite has to be this sassy “i only date republicans” tee ($28).  if that doesn’t do it for you, head over to zazzle, where you can design your own tee. for $38, you can choose a fun tonal stripe tee with a mccain 08 football-style graphic – much more chic than any standard-isuse campaign tee.

saving the best for last, while we eagerly await paris’ official tee, you can create your own over at zazzle.  my personal favorite is the oh-so-subtle “vote paris for president, bitches” ($36), on a white burnout tee. would we expect anything less?

just remember it’s not who you vote for…just get out there and vote!

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