SMC giveaway: pleated frame bag from nest!

now that labor day is behind us, it’s officially fall!  in celebration, i’m thrilled to introduce our first fall giveaway, sponsored by the fabulous people at nest bags!  i am absolutely crazy about this pleated frame bag, and was thrilled when they offered it up to one of you lovely readers (after only briefly considering just keeping it for myself!).

this gorgeous jacquard bag (which retails at $154) encompasses so many fall trends, i hardly know where to begin.  that lovely rich navy shade is the ideal pop against traditionally drab fall tones, and jacquard prints are absolutely everywhere this season.  add to that the stylish structure on this frame bag and those fabulous pleated details, and you have an accessory guaranteed to stop traffic.

lately, i’ve been eschewing the pile of big-name bags in my closet, because the reality is that my more under-the-radar bags are, without fail, the ones that get the most compliments and the most attention.  plus, i get so very tired of going out and seeing 15 other women carrying my bag.  nest bags really are perfect for that casual, attention-grabbing style that i’m after from my accessories. 

so, for those of you who are drooling over this lovely design from nest as much as i am, here’s how to enter:  drop a comment telling us what trend for fall you’re most excited about, and i’ll draw a winner on monday, sept 8 (yes, we’re running this contest through the weekend).  and as always, to get a bonus entry:

  1. use that cute little “share this” purple heart at the bottom of the post to pass the contest along to the group of your choice,
  2. come back and leave a comment telling us where you shared it (you do have to leave a second comment!),
  3. poof…bonus entry!

don’t forget to check back on monday to see your name in lights…you’ll have 24 hours to claim your bounty!

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50 comments on “SMC giveaway: pleated frame bag from nest!

  1. Dani

    That bag is gorgeous! Thanks to Jessie for sharing this site with me. I’m loving the fun print tights with a solid color dress. And I’m looking for tunics to wear with leggings that aren’t too bubbly. I’m also looking for shoes to wear with said tunics/leggings.

  2. J Girl

    For Fall, I am most excited about the newest Uggs boot and wearing touches of leopard print here and there… Not together of course, Ugg & leopard not good (though they now have camo!). Also, I am thrilled that the wide leg pant has come back.

  3. Trisha

    Absolutely in love with the bag! Gorgeous! I am waiting for all the Bohemian styles to come out…I love fall and all the new fads that come along each year! Can’t wait for a gorgeous new scarf! I think scarfs add so much to an outfit and really define a persons sense of style. I also have a little girl (11 months) and love all the new prints that come out each season….I am excited for all the matching beanies, skirts, and tights that are just coming out for toddlers too. It is fun dressing your child…it’s like getting to pick out 2 outfits for everyday:)

  4. Donna

    The bag is stylish and very functional. I’d love to be showing off around Salt Lake City and telling everyone where to buy one.

  5. Stephanie C.

    I love this bag – it would be the perfect thing to make me feel fashionable this fall, considering I’m in maternity clothes otherwise!

  6. Andrea

    The romance of fall, jacquard and navy, just what I need to keep me warm on those cool autumn nights. Who needs a man when I have that bag to put my arms around? Not to mention it matches my new fall boots!

  7. carolyn b

    For fall I will be sporting those every lovely maternity clothes, so this bag would be the perfect accessory to spice things up! Thanks Jessie for the link!

  8. Catherine

    Oooh, yes, this bag is gorgeous! My favorite trends for the coming season are: sculptured (“wearable origami”) details, the color plum, and tasteful feathers in moderation. Leather booties, not so much.

    Thanks for the daily read.

  9. Alyssa

    Amen to “eschewing” your more expensive bags for something a little more special… i know exactly whatcha mean! I’m excited to see fun colors, like this bag for example, for fall FOR ONCE! i detest drag colors….

  10. Heather Bryan

    I’m most excited about the menswear I see for fall….and that feminine bag would be a great contrast!

  11. Laddie

    What a very nice bag! My favorite fall trends are boots and earth soft fabrics with earth tone colors.

  12. Josie

    My favorite color of all time has always been purple…and I love how this color has made a resurgence this fall. I love it!

  13. Blair

    My favorite Fall trend – well, since I’m back in maternity clothes, I’ll just have to say there are some FANTASTIC boots out there.

  14. julie

    What a beautiful bag! I’m most excited about the classic look of clothing that seems to be making a come back this fall. I also love the rich colors I’ve been seeing.

  15. Lisa

    Inky Blues, Greens and purples made up a prominent fashion base for runway designers showing their fall collections. This is likely to be the most popular color in the high-street given its versatility and femininity. This bag is gorgeous and is right on with these colors for fall!!!! Its a purse I would ROCK !!!

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  17. Julia, Smuches4u

    Soooo happy that jewel tones are back, perfect for us warm brunettes. Especially that rich royal purple! Yum.

  18. Laura

    Love this bag! I am most excited about the new Tailored style pants available this fall, and the deep rich purple and blue colors I’ve been seeing everywhere.

  19. Jaime

    I just had a crisp autumnal vision – me, walking my new baby girl down West Portal with this bag slung over one arm, piping hot latte in the other. Ahhh, heaven!

  20. Jaime

    And like most who replied, I am looking forward to the rich jewel tones of fall. For a girl like me who wear a lot of black, it will add some dazzle to my wardrobe.

  21. Kassie

    Love the bag. I’m really digging that the jewel tones are still in for this fall. I LOVE them…especially a rich purple. 🙂

  22. Jamie

    I have always been a purple girl, so I am LOVING the rich, jewel tone trend for fall. I’m pretty much set with the purple in my wardrobe, but that bag – Ooo… that bag would be the PERFECT accessory and I’d rock it all fall (and probably winter!) long!

  23. Rainbow - MrsCali

    Love the bag! I’m loving the dark jeans and jewel toned tops. Can’t wait to get both plus some new boots and scarves.

  24. Sara

    I love this bag! It would be great to have a great bag that actually looks nice – what a concept! The color is gorgeous. Sweaters – that’s what I look forward to.

  25. Meg

    I lurve all the boots this season. I can’t wear the cute belts or the feminine dresses with a baby belly – but the boots I’m all over!

  26. Nicole Spidel

    This would be a PERFECT handbag for a graduating college senior! A more sophisticated look will land an interview!

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