deal of the day: double j jewelry

you all know there’s nothing i love better than discovering new designers, except maybe finding great deals.  so, when the two converged, i was thrilled. 

designer jean jackson of double j designs recently got in touch to tell me about her new jewelry line, and i couldn’t wait to share.  it’s exotic, stylish, and amazingly affordable.  if you spend time on her website, you’re sure to find some gems there.  her brand new nefertiti earrings (above center) have such a fantastic, modern shape.  those aptly-named puerto rico earrings (above left), made of copper and tourmaline would be the ideal addition to my travel case for an upcoming tropical getaway.  and i’m pleased to report that her skagway necklace (above right), is now happily residing in my jewelry box.  so, i can honestly report that her designs are even more lovely in person.  jean’s attention to detail is evident in every piece – from the hand-beading on her necklaces to thoughtful details like using copper instead of gold or silver to set off the tourmaline stone on an earring.

but best of all, if you can believe it – every piece i’ve pointed out is under $20 (okay, the puerto rico earrings are $22).  i have no idea how jean makes it happen, but i’m so glad she does.  take advantage while you can, and pick up a handful of her stunning designs from her website or her etsy shop.

ps…don’t forget to enter the giveaway for that gorgeous pleated frame bag from nest!  just go here to enter!

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