designer 101: martin clothes

martin is a label near and dear to the hearts of fashion editors everywhere, who mourned designer anne johnston albert’s departure from the scene a few years back to raise some kids and get some air in frigid massachusetts.  fortunately for all, she’s back – and better than ever. 

albert’s capsule collection is nothing short of a mini-wardrobe:  a grouping of pieces so versatile and stylish that a complete set would relegate those “nothing to wear” days to ancient history.  each piece is designed to be the best of its breed, making its brethren pale in comparison.  they’re classics, it’s true – but each has the perfect dose of style to make it anything but ordinary.

hands down, my favorite piece from the line is the moleskine military jacket ($495). i love the classic silhouette with the slightly off-kilter details that make it really unique, like the off-center placket and the single patch pocket.  dress up jeans, layer it over a dress, or top off a chic cropped trouser – this is a piece that won’t see much time on the inside of your closet.

martin’s long-sleeved tee ($90) is perfection itself: flattering wide neckline, perfect length, tissue-thin fabric (or choose the heavyweight heather grey for a different look). this is layering genius at its finest.

even martin’s denim is perfectly precise – and it’s what she’s best known for.  choose a matchstick skinny ($178) or my favorite, a wide-legged trouser jean ($195), or both.  both are impeccably stylish, and designed to be infinitely versatile – a combination i’ll welcome into my wardrobe with open arms.

and, for a little uptown chic, check out her gorgeous black satin tie dress ($285).  the u-shaped neckline is flattering without being revealing, and the built-in ties allow for several different styling options.  the satin keeps this one dressy enough for cocktails, but throw on a denim jacket, scarf and a chunky necklace, and you have a hot downtown look too.

nab these new classics while they last…you never know when albert will call it quits and head back into hibernation!

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