technical drama…with presents!

so, first, i just wanted to thank you all for putting up with the site over the last couple of weeks.  there has been technical drama, which is not my forte (to say the very least).  fortunately, we have a fantastic web guru on “staff” (and by “staff,” i mean indentured servitude), who is legally obligated to help me when things go to hell.  and, while things might be a bit spotty for a few more days, have faith – it’s going to be all better very, very soon.

to make up for it, i have presents!!  on monday, we’ll be starting a majorly fun giveaway of some lovely gossip girl-esque accessories.  you’ll love it!

and, as a more immediate reward, i thought i’d help you all out with some weekend shopping incentives.  so, behold:  a well-edited list of the most fabulous steals and deals i know about online this weekend.

  • kate boutique:  20% off sitewide with code october08 (i’m guessing this one’s good through the end of the month).
  • tory burch:  25% off sitewide through monday for their annual friends & family event.  a particular bonus since most of their fall goods went on a 30-40% markdown last week.  use code TBFF08 (also good for free shipping on a $150+ order).
  • brooklyn industries:  while their PR staff has me grouchy, their wares are still fantastic and cheap…especially now.  score 15% off sitewide through sunday with code AUTUMN08.
  • victoria’s secret:  just because i’m desperately needing some foundation updates, i’ll share this one:  25% off any one bra through sunday with code 25BRA.
  • revolve clothing:  just because i know i won’t be using it, be my guest:  use code COVGPPKGGSPY (it’ll only work once, so let me know if you snag it and i’ll pull it off the list!) to save $75 on a $250 order through saturday.

does anyone have any deals to share with the class?  feel free to leave them in the comments…maybe we can get a fantastic little list going!

and seriously, guys…thanks for hanging in.  i know how annoying it can be when websites are broken.  i promise to do all the nagging i possibly can to make sure it’s cured.  i am nothing if not an expert nagger.

back monday with that fab giveaway…have a great weekend, all!

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