SMC giveaway: shannon nicole headbands!

how fun are these headbands by designer shannon nicole?  part gossip girl, part kenley from project runway, feathered accents like these are oh-so-hot this season.  i love that you can choose how brightly you want to feather your nest.  the pheasant style (center) is pretty mellow, all things considered, and blends beautifully into lighter hair.  the ostrich (left) is a great option to show off a bigger flash of the trend, while still keeping your look tailored.  and the robin (right), well, that’s for a night on the town – no question about it.  throw this on with your favorite metallic minidress, and you’ll be the toast of the party!  you can see all of her fab designs over at shop a list (along with loads of other lovely things).

what’s more, the absolutely fabulous designer of these gorgeous accesories has generously offered up TWO of her designs for you darling readers!  fantastic, no?  so, to find one of these lovelies in your mailbox, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post.  i’ll draw two winners a week from today (nov 3)! 

and as always, bonus entries!  if you leave a second comment telling me where you shared the news about this giveaway, you’ll get a bonus entry.  and, just for fun, i’m going to give a bonus entry if you tell me your favorite gossip girl moment, outfit, or catch phrase – just be sure to leave it in a second comment, as we can’t test my math skills too seriously.

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111 comments on “SMC giveaway: shannon nicole headbands!

  1. Alyssa

    I LOVE this look- so Carrie a la wedding gone bad.
    “I’m Chuck Bass” ::sexy smirk::
    UGH love him. so badass!

  2. Serena

    LOL, while this isn’t that appropriate for this post, but I loved it when Serena said “I hate that stupid headband!” during the episode where they were at Yale.

    I love Blair’s headbands, but sometimes they just aren’t as pretty/cute as the ones in this post!

  3. Nicole

    I love the flapper-vibe this fall, and the feathers here are great. I’d definitely wear one of these to the classroom!

  4. Jodi

    Those headbands are gorgeous! I’m pregnant and looking for any fun accessory that will distract from my belly

  5. elizabethk

    For my bonus entry:
    my fav line….

    Chuck: “Why do I deserve to be an usher at Darthmouth? Because I’m Chuck Bass.

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  7. Lauren

    ok, here is my second entry! haha.

    my favorite gossip girl moment..hmm..that is really hard. but probably the serena and blair fight, classic. or anytime blair is on the screen!


  8. Brittany

    The feather headbands are gorgeous! I suppose my favorite gg moment had to be last evening when Blair & Chuck knew they loved each other but were are afraid how admitting it would change their relantionship. Ironically, that was the most vunerable they have ever been with one another.

  9. mandy

    OMG…i never would have thought to buy a cute headband like this…you are absolutely right about Kenley. I hate her attitude but loved her style! Now to not let my dog knaw on it like a chew toy…priceless! hahaha

  10. mandy

    well i’m going to be honest with you, I really don’t watch gossip girl enough to quote any lines. Also, I have really been into the new 90210. sorry, but I will share this information on my blog…Color Me Happy. It is also a blogspot blog. so happy blogging and happy give a ways and meeting new people in the land of blog…smiles!

  11. Megan

    Plus I totally adore gossip girl and definately got my boyfriend addicted (he might even like it more than me, which is quite a lot). As for my favourite line, it’s probably at the beginning of this season when Blair says to Chuck:

    “Give me one reason why I should stay. And “because I’m Chuck Bass” doesn’t count.”

  12. Melody

    My favorite gossip girl moment is:

    Chuck: “My, that girl has gotten under your skin.” Blair: “The question is, Bass – will you?”

    Now, that was naughty naughty right? 😉

  13. Hui Shan

    AH! I only just discovered your website! And i love the hairbands so much! They’re gorgeous & such a fashion accessory that all girls would die to have!

  14. Hui Shan

    Definitely during the Serena-Blair cat fight where Blair screamed “ow, my headband!” HOW FUNNY that she can imagine her hairband feeling pain!

  15. Crystal

    Pick me please! *crosses fingers!* You have a great website by the way. I love the lanvins blue ballet flats in one of your latest posts.. Pretty! You’ve got great taste!

  16. Crystal

    EASY! My favorite gossip girl moment was when Dan said to Chuck, “You should put a bell on.” Chuck’s response: “Kinky. I’ll think about it.” Nice one!

  17. de

    Thanks for the opp to win! I love GG – addicted. So many good quotes, but here’s one I remember from this week.

    Dan: So he just got up and left, abruptly?
    Blair: Like a Bass out of hell.

  18. Jasmine C

    I love your site! Hopefully I’ll win because I think Shannon Nicole’s headbands are funky. Perfect for a Nueva Yorker 😀
    I shared news of this contest with all my friends who follow my shared blog reader/folder.

  19. Jasmine C

    My favorite gossip girl outfit was Serena’s off the shoulder blouse and skinny jeans outfit she wore in the last episode.

  20. Tiffany Johnson

    I was just telling my friend Ash that posted about your giveaway how “Gossip Girl” the headbands are!!! LOL… Us girls are silly! I’ll take one in every color 😉

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  22. Dani'

    I used to have a great vintage feathered headband. It was glossy black and blue and had feathers that tapered down on one side. I haven’t seen it in years, unfortunately I think it was in one of the boxes we stored while moving. That whole lot got ruined due to a leak. wah!

  23. Mel

    This would be perfect for my upcoming dance performances! Definitely a fashionable piece that would be an instant hit!

  24. Mel

    HAHA! Gossip girl is sooo the in thing right now! Here’s my favorite quote! I laughed & rolled in laughter hearing this one!!

    Chuck Bass: Serena looked effin’ hot last night. There’s something wrong with that level of perfection. It needs to be violated.

    Now ain’t that naughty of chuck! 😉

  25. Michelle

    I love Gossip Girl! It’s hard to think of a favorite moment. Most of the ones with Blair’s scheming come to mind.

  26. Kim

    I love almost all the outfits on Gossip Girl, but my favorite this season was probably Blair’s dress at the White Party.

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  28. Susan

    I am loving GG right now. Chuck Bass is perfect. My favorite part of every episode is the “spotted…” voice over from gossip girl herself…which might just turn out to be Chuck. Doesn’t that sound about right? Side note, I adore the feathers. Please pick me!

  29. paper stories

    Well I would wear them while I was working my printing press making all sorts of letterpress goodies. Who says you can’t look fabulous while operating a 100 year old, 1200 lb press.

  30. Maryn

    I saw these on The Scoop and linked here for the contest – I would love to have a chance to win one of these!

  31. CB

    These are so pretty. I saw them on the SCOOP.

    My favorite GG line is when Chuck says…”I’m Chuck Bass”

  32. erin

    love love love those headbands. i have been coveting them from when Blair wore one. my fave outfit from gossip girl was actually Jenny’s from pret a poor Jenny last week. The awesome plaid dress she had to “remake”

    I hope i win!

  33. Robyn

    Favorite thing about Gossip Girl: Leighton Meester. I absolutely adore that girl. She is the perfect Blair Waldorf!

  34. Katie

    My favorite gossip girl moment is when Blair says “Haven’t you heard? I’m the crazy bitch around here.” And pretty much just every Blair Moment.

  35. Roxy

    Gossip Girl fashion moment – I loved the dove grey ostrich bag Blair was carrying when she visited Yale. If only I was that fashionable in high school…who am I kidding, if only I was that fashionable now!

  36. Tasha

    Ohhh! Have an old vintage comb made of peacock feathers that is startig to show it’s age. these will be the perfect replacement (and won’t fall out like the comb always does!) yippee.

  37. aisha

    very cool would love to get a hole of these where with with a simple black dress..
    so that the color comes out.. have attempted to make one but not looking so good

  38. aisha


    very cool would love to get a hold of these wear with with a simple black dress..
    so that the color comes out.. have attempted to make one but not looking so good

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