beauty buys: benefit’s powderflage

i’m something of a concealer connoisseur (the alliteration was totally unintentional, i swear).  but when this cute little camouflage canister (there i go again!) showed up in my mailbox, i was skeptical.  i was convinced there was no way the little bubble of pink powder inside could actually do any serious heavy-lifting. and so, it was stashed in the “try someday…maybe” pile.

thank goodness i came across it last week and was bored enough to give it a try.  the stuff works like gangbusters!  honestly…it’s covering my dark circles better than any liquid, cream or other concealer in my makeup bag right now (and trust me, it’s a big, very overstuffed, makeup bag), all while being as invisible to the untrained eye as its darling little packaging would have you believe.

all of my other concealers are in storage now…there to remain until future notice.  i can’t give a much better endorsement than that.  pick it up at benefit for $32.

and ps…have you entered this week’s fab giveaway yet?  honestly…seriously glam goods up for grabs in exchange for approximately 10 seconds of effort.  what’s taking you so long?  

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2 comments on “beauty buys: benefit’s powderflage

  1. Megan

    I just added this to my must-haves for xmas list…I always have dark circles under my eyes, tired or not and I hate liquid concealer…

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