happy last day of BCA month!

if you haven’t already done your part by buying something pink, i’m throwing you a bone.  the moment i tried a pair of anastasia tweezers, all of my others went out the window (okay, into the trash…i’m not looking for a lawsuit).  they are incredibly precise, incredibly strong, and just really the perfect tool for the job.  you can pick up this girly-girl version from nordstrom for a very reasonable $33 – your BCA purchase will be complete, and your conscience will be clear.  if that feels like a lot for tweezers, well honestly, when was the last time you replaced yours?  and was the result nearly as cute?  exactly.  plus, 50% of the price goes to charity…so really, they’re only $15 tweezers and $15 of good karma.

while you’re at it, snag anastasia’s fab new brow duality ($23).  one side is a shimmer highlighter (which i actually use as an eyeliner/shadow hybrid) and the other is a matte highlighter (which i use under my brows and on the inside corners of my eyes).  it’s my newest staple in my traveling makeup bag, and literally goes with me everywhere.  seriously, a must-try.

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