hemlines and the economy

i’ve been thinking about the economy.  (stay with me here, i’m thinking in fashion terms.)  

there are two economic theories that deal with hemlines:  in the first theory, the winner is the mini. the story goes that skirts get shorter when the economy gets tighter (in other words, less fabric = less money).  the other theory is the exact opposite:  dropping hemlines mean a falling economy.  historically, the short flapper styles of the ’20s and minis from the ’60s supported this theory, as the economy was strong.

today, while we’re being bombarded every day with news on the markets rising and falling like mad, hemlines are all over the charts.  so, what do you all think?  in poor economic times (or as the trends swing), do you go with the mini, the maxi or somewhere in between?  or do you just ignore the trends altogether and wear what you like?

personally, i choose my hems based on the event, not the economy.  here are my three picks, with three different hemlines, all for under $200.

for a night out with my hubbie, i might choose a sexy mini, like the fast mojo by french connection.  at a black tie charity ball, nothing could come between me and my one shoulder jersey calvin klein dress, in this beauty I would feel glamorous all night.  finally, my go-to length is this flirty tiered mesh dress by maggie london – it would take me anywhere from the office christmas party to the family new year’s eve gathering.  but whatever you wear to your holiday gatherings, the best look is a great smile, worn by the girl who isn’t letting the economy cramp her style!

~ J

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