SMC giveaway: custom clutch from beegee bags!

i’ve been so excited to announce this one…what fun!!  the designer and owner of beegee bags is offering one of our readers the opportunity to custom design one of her fab clutches – free!

i’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with a beegee or two, and i have to say, they’ve become all but indispensible.  they make a perfect addition to my handbag, carrying makeup, extra keys, credit cards, etc.  but i can also load in just the necessities and turn this into a great clutch for day OR night – unlike any of my other clutches, which seem to be strictly evening-only.  and these bags are impeccably made:  the hardware is substantial, the fabrics are stunning…i can’t get enough.  i’m already mentally listing the women in my life who will be receiving these as gifts this year. 

i love the idea of designing something particularly festive for the holidays, and beegee has some fab holiday fabrics to choose from…but really, anything goes.  the lucky winner gets to choose fabric, shape, pleating – the works!  check out all of the options on their website (styles 3 and 4 are my picks, but they’re all lovely).

to enter, it’s the usual drill:  post a comment on this post.  bonus entry for sharing somewhere (facebook, your blog, the message board of your choice, whatever works), and then posting a SECOND comment letting me know where you shared.  you really do have to post that second comment, people – my math skills aren’t good enough to add in the entry for you!

i’m going to make this one a quickie…instant gratification and all that.  entries close thursday at midnight, and i’ll announce a winner on friday!  make sure to check back here…if i don’t hear from the winner by monday, i’ll have to choose another.

good luck!!

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110 comments on “SMC giveaway: custom clutch from beegee bags!

  1. J Girl

    I’ve been in New York City the past few weeks – including at WWD shooting Ultimate Acccessories Guide. These bags are it! They are better than any clutches anyone had! (though Barney’s window is full of Rouge lookalikes) I would have any one of these clutches!!! If only my Aunt Millie were still alive, I would give her one for Christmas, and she woudl give me little tiny Avon lipstick samples which would fit perfectly! I will now forward this to about 40 fashion forward friends!! xoxoxo thanks, Jessie!!!

  2. J Girl

    Okay, I just forwarded this site via email to many, many lovely ladies who truly believe that shopping is the best cardio! (great sex, too!) haha!

  3. Christine

    the clutches are so cute! I’ve actually been wanting to get one like that but haven’t found one I really like but those are perfect and exactly what I want! hope I win!

  4. Jennifer M.

    I just flagged you on From the looks of other popular bookmarks on the site, maybe a techie will win the clutch?

  5. Nicole

    The Beegeebags are gorgeous! They have such a yummy vintage look to them… you could imagine them in an old Hitchcock movie or in a scene of Sex and the City. I’d love to own one of these bags for weekend shopping in NYC..

  6. Natasha

    Posted on my facebook to check out your blog and clutch website! All my friends love to shop so you should get some hits!

  7. Lauren

    Too Cute, I love the red and black~ would match most everything I have~ including what I am wearing NOW! Wooowhhooooo

  8. Jessica

    I love it! It almost makes me wish I was getting married again so that I could buy them as cute bridesmaid gifts!

  9. Cass

    These are totaly the new hot thing! Cute, and nothing better than to be able to customize your own to your very own style!!

  10. Danielle Wilson

    When I pulled up the site, I read all the comments first… so many and the people love the bags. Then I saw the bags. Now I know why. I love the fact it can be a daytime clutch too.

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  12. erica

    I would love to be the winner of this giveaway! I am a sucker for bird prints (being a wildlife biologist in a past life). Thanks for considering me!

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  14. Johnd166

    Outstanding post, you have pointed out some fantastic points, I as well think this is a very great website.

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