a nice idea…

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i remember one year for the holidays, i forewent traditional giving, and everyone on my list got credit for a portion of a goat from heifer international.  sure, it was more fun than “a donation has been made in your name to the society for underprivileged hedgehogs,” and it did very good things for people that deserve the help, but it didn’t exactly elicit that exuberant, thrilling response you’re looking for from a holiday gift.

that’s why i love the idea of sending TOMS shoes if you’re looking for a do-gooder gift this season.  TOMS are very basic & comfy canvas flats, good for man, woman and child (mine are red madras plaid) and available in dozens of colors and prints – all for about $50.  but the bonus is that for every pair sold, they give a pair to a child in need – their holiday goal is 30,000 pair in 30 days.  so, you can give an actual gift (one that the recipient will genuinely love and use), and do some good besides.  plus, no one will dare to return a gift from a charity!

so, watch their video, get inspired, and maybe think about sending a bit of your holiday budget their way.

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4 comments on “a nice idea…

  1. Laurin

    The year I gave portions of a cow from Heifer International? Crickets. I was just looking at these great shoes yesterday. A much better idea. I’ll just buy the cow for me.

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