holiday giveaway: crocodile wallet from pallie bags!!

how’s that for a holiday gift?  i can’t even begin to express how much i adore the wallet i’m giving away this week.  but let’s just say you’re lucky the prize is being sent to the winner straight from the designer.

this amazing pale blue-grey, croc-embossed wallet is simply decadent.  the leather is amazing, and the style is pure luxury (in fact, it reminds me a little too much of a certain hermes wallet i’ve been coveting for years).  the interior has plenty of room for credit cards, and even contains a matching zippered pouch that can be carried separately.  designed by pallie bags, this stunner retails for $260…but one of my lovely readers will be spending the holidays with it…free!  yes, it just might be the best gift ever.

for those who aren’t familiar, pallie is an up-and-coming line of handbags that focuses on classic styles, beautifully crafted.  honestly, my favorite piece in the collection is this wallet – i am just in love.  but the marshall messenger (possibly the perfect travel bag) and the mini-marie clutch (love the gold chain and stud detailing!) are also to die for.

but, anyway…about that amazing wallet.  i’ll give it away on friday to one of you lucky, lucky ladies.  to enter, post a comment on this post.  bonus entry for sharing somewhere (facebook, your blog, the message board of your choice, whatever works), and then posting a SECOND comment letting me know where you shared.  and as always, you really do have to post that second comment – my math skills aren’t good enough to add in the entry for you!  

check back on friday to see if you’ll be partying with this beauty in 2009 – if you don’t claim your prize, i’ll be forced to choose another winner!

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72 comments on “holiday giveaway: crocodile wallet from pallie bags!!

  1. Jennifer M.

    The delicious wallet has now been posted on Delicious!

    Thanks for all the great posts, and happy holidays.

  2. JL

    The color of this wallet is beautiful, yet unique. I love the other bags in this collection. My favorite – the paxson bag

  3. J Girl

    Dear Shopping is my Cardio Santa Claus,
    Please send me this beautiful wallet. It will make my winter chill go away, and boost the economy by making me feel better about where my money goes! Love, J Girl

  4. Christine

    its so perfect! I really need a new wallet, mine is falling apart really bad! This one would be perfect, hope I win!!

  5. alyssa

    My current wallet resembles George’s wallet from Seinfeld – I REALLY need to get something slimmer and this is just the ticket. So chic!

  6. Dominique

    This is such a beautiful and luxurious-looking wallet ! I normally don`t go for the light, pastel-type colors, but this soft, pale blue-gray is exquisite !

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  8. Melissa W.

    Can’t believe I brought in more potential competition… but I’ve shared this on Facebook. I’ve told almost everyone I know about this blog at one time or another, hopefully they will finally get with the program. Though I know I’ve brought in a few people in the past!

  9. cat

    I would love this wallet! i neeeeed a new wallet! my current wallet is from ages and ages ago and the stitches are quite sadly falling apart. 😉

  10. Melly

    wow this would be an awesome prize for my mom! i know she would love it because she really needs a new one!!

  11. Leanne

    I can help win this for my stylish sister (who I see has posted this on FB to up her odds– I guess she really wants it so I’d better up her odds even more!)

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