the best-laid plans….and some cheap thrills

i know, i said there would be some after-christmas-sale mentions at the very least over the last week.  and, well, there haven’t been.  but, in my defense, let me just say the following:  

1, the after-christmas sales not only sucked this year, they were basically nonexistent.  i’ve decided everyone marked things down before christmas instead, so the after-christmas sales were that much more anti-climactic (less climatic? damn double-negatives).

2, do you ever get to the point that you’ve just shopped and shopped and shopped, and can shop no more?  i know…hard to imagine.  but i’m there.  and i needed to not shop for 5 minutes.  fortunately for all of you, i’m back on the horse…and have some lovely things to share next week, as well as a “top buys of 2008” post i’ll be sharing in the next few days, if i can get my act together.

3, on a personal level…well, the best way i can explain the past week is to send you off to read this.  yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

BUT, since this is, first and foremost, a shopping blog (and therefore, 95% of you care not a bit about my adventures in miscreant canines), i will remind you all that the thakoon for target collection hit stores over the weekend, and it’s actually the first go international collection i’ve liked since paul & joe.  

i’m heavily in the market for patterned tees in anticipation of spring.  cardigans will be everywhere, and i seem to have become the official cardigan queen of the west coast, but i’m getting tired of all the monochrome in my wardrobe.  so, i’ll be stocking up on some fantastic floral and striped tees to layer underneath (particularly this one, which i anticipate aggressively stalking at local stores, since i was an idiot and did not buy it online before it was gone).  also, i have it on good authority that this floral trench is even cuter in person, which means it has serious potential to make the cut as my spring jacket.

(for the record, the hayden-harnett target collection was released as well….it’s generally disappointing, though i’m sort of curious about this print canvas version of their classic flight bag.  it has the potential to be a great carry-on, as it’s stylish and fun, but you won’t care a bit when the flight attendant forces you to jam it into the overhead compartment.)

happy new year’s eve, everyone!

Sale at Tobi

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3 comments on “the best-laid plans….and some cheap thrills

  1. Kendra

    I, too, was disappointed in the post-holiday sales, although I managed to do a bit to support the economy anyway. 🙂 Hope the dog situation improves, and put me squarely in the 5% who do want to hear about it! Happy new year!

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