the annual “best of” list

every year when i get out my (completely lovely) new calendar, i love to think back through my year of retail and consider what really ended up being the best and worst purchases of the year.  the worst are harder to remember…they tend to fade into the recesses of my mind.  but the best are always there, right up front and easy to spot.  so, here’s my list of the best fashion & beauty investments i made in 2008.

loeffler randall matilde boots:  finally having these beauties in my clutches has changed my winter wear life forever.  i used to loathe the turn of seasons, because i’d be forced to either freeze in flats or resort to less dignified footwear.  but with these beautiful boots in my closet, i don’t mind a bit that the weather’s turned cold.  i scored them in this gorgeous olive color, but my first love was this amazing elephant shade (now on sale for under $500, by the way!).  both are perfect with just about anything, and so much more interesting than brown or black.

epice scarf:  i bought this as a christmas gift to myself from my dear mom back in october, and can’t tell you the degree of self-control it took to keep it in the box until the holiday arrived.  these scarves are actual works of art – i love everything about them, and am merely counting the days until i score a second.

gorjana sand coin necklace:  this necklace has hardly left my neck since it arrived – i love it so.  i wear it doubled, or layered long with a shorter necklace…the options are endless and the compliments are boundless.

benefit creaseless cream shadows:  i was always so skeptical of cream shadows, but really and truly, i haven’t touched a powder shadow since these arrived.  every color is gorgeous (though birthday suit is my personal fave), they apply flawlessly, provide a very adult degree of shimmer, and wear all day with ease.  definitely a star purchase at under $20.

barex intensive care hair mask:  i haven’t had a chance to tell you much about this italian hair care line, though i am fast learning to adore it and its 3-ounce bottles for travel.  but it’s the intensive care mask that has saved my life this year.  when i first moved to the rainy northwest, my hair objected staunchly…and voiced its objection with frizz, dryness, and countless other complaints.  this mask has soothed my hair’s temper considerably, and i am pleased to announce that my locks no longer frighten small children when i pass by.

clarins brightening day lotion:  this line has probably changed my skin more than any other this year, and i swear by it to all who will listen.  my skin borders on impossible – dry, unbelievably sensitive, and prone to hive and rash outbreaks with any change in routine.  but this brightening lotion keeps it happy and healthy, and even makes makeup-free days a possibility.  my only sorrow is that my supply has nearly run out – but this is one i’ll definitely be restocking.

so, what about you?  what were your best purchases in ’08??

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4 comments on “the annual “best of” list

  1. Broke Bettie

    First off – I am so jealous – I loooove those Loeffler Randall Matilde boots, so stunningly gorgeous you lucky girl, and second, I can’t believe I missed those gorgeous scarves the first time you shared them with the world — amazing find, I’ll have to check them out!

  2. Megan

    I love benefit products. they work great and have the cutest packaging.

    I think my one of my best purchases came at the very end of the year (Dec. 26 to be exact). I scored the last of a adorable H & M red coat at half price and have hardly taken it off.

    Another favourite came in the summer and was a green top by Roxy. Despite my preconceptions about the brand, the top doesn’t remind me of surfing at all. Instead, it reminds me of classic styling with a fun youthful twist.

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