fashion resolutions for 2009

(photos lovingly shared from shopbop, ron herman and the sartorialist)

so, i’m not normally much for new year’s resolutions – they feel a bit like exercises in frustration to me.  but fashion resolutions, those i can handle!  

last year, i resolved to be better about creative accessorizing – sure, i had the bags and shoes, but i was still pairing them with the same old ensembles, and it was getting a little tired.  and, well, the year of scarves and jewelry was born (as i’m sure you all have noticed).  i accessorized my little heart out last year, and it’s taught me a lot about how to make my wardrobe do double (or even triple) duty.

i’ve been thinking a lot about this year’s resolution, and i think i’ve found it.  in 2009, i really want to work on more creative mix-and-matching in my closet.  sure, i show you all gorgeous things day in and day out…and buy more of them than i should.  but the sad truth is that my daily wardrobe consists almost entirely of cardigans, layering tees and denim – very j.crew circa 2005.  and i’m bored out of my tree.  time to learn about creative pattern combinations, bold color-blending, and perhaps wearing something on bottom other than denim.  daring, i know.

so, i’m planning to start small.  i’ve just picked up a bunch of patterned tees from the thakoon for target collection – i think layering those under the existing cardigan-and-denim combo has potential.  i may even tack on a scarf for good measure!  by the end of the year, i’m hoping i’ll be so polished at these bold wardrobe combinations that i’ll look like any one of the fabulous combos above.

for those of you, like me, that are too scared of serious new year’s resolutions, i can’t recommend a fashion resolution highly enough.  what will yours be?  a much-deserved splurge on a gorgeous designer bag, or a really fantastic pair of shoes?  (a major jewelry splurge of some sort is also on my 2009 list…shh!)  or maybe you work in a suit all week, and want to find a way to up your fashion quotient at the office without getting fired.  perhaps you’re sick to death of your weekend basics, and want to up the ante with some fantastic designer denim?

whatever your resolution, i’m here to help.  post your 2009 fashion goals here – i’d love to see what everyone has in mind.  and who knows, i just might be able to lend a hand!

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