fugtastic: pierre hardy neoprene tote

ahem.  readers, i think you all know that i love pink as much as…well, probably even a bit more than the next girl.  and were this bag hot pink leather…well, it wouldn’t be my style, but i might at least understand it.  but this bag, by pierre hardy, is neoprene.  as in, the stuff they make wetsuits from.  i know there’s a trend heading toward lightweight bags, as we all spent 2007 and 2008 causing all sorts of chiropractic dramas with our 40-lb marc jacobs bags.  i can handle nylon or canvas, as long as it’s priced appropriately.  and i might not even be averse if it were black neoprene, and executed more subtly.  but i’m having a pretty serious aversion to the hot pink rendition.

oh yeah, and did i mention it’s $1,500???  seriously.  for a bag made out of a wetsuit.  honestly, tell me…are you actually buying $1,500 hot pink neoprene handbags during a recession?

sigh.  please, in the name of fashion, take this opportunity to reject the fug by going out and treating yourself to a really lovely handbag on sale (also some lovely options here).  you could do so much better.

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4 comments on “fugtastic: pierre hardy neoprene tote

  1. Heather B

    Good lord, I scuba dive and you can buy the whole wetsuit for under $100! LOL Maybe $300 for the pricey ones! Pass!

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