bargain shoe bliss: spring shoes

as penance for torturing you all with those lovely loefflers the other day, i thought i’d make it up to you by showing off this quite fab grey flat boot from spring shoes.  oh, did i mention it’s $50?  sure, we’re not talking fine italian leather here…but personally, boots that can stand up to a little winter weather are making me very happy now that i’m living in the city of rain.  man cannot live in waterproof uggs alone.  plus, isn’t vegan footwear the new black?

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4 comments on “bargain shoe bliss: spring shoes

  1. Sal

    I think they’re fantastic, but wonder how well they breathe … always a concern with man-mades. Especially for stinky-footers like me.

  2. JL

    I ordered these because I needed a pair of boots I could commute in and not worry about destroying in the slush and snow. They came yesterday and are hideous. I wouldn’t wear them anywhere(terrible color, super shiny, etc.). If anyone else is considering these, don’t waste your time.

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    JL, i am SO disappointed to hear that!! just goes to show, i guess you really do get what you pay for 🙁

    thank you SO much for letting the other readers know – i’d hate for anyone else to be disappointed.

    if i can help you find something in the same style & price range that doesn’t completely suck, please email and i’ll be glad to try! editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com

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