home again!

hi, readers!!  i’m back from the tropics, and missed you all terribly…i saw so many things i wanted to blog, but alas, the pina colada in my hand was weighing me down.  i had some very grand plans for my first day back…but well, i’m exhausted, and it’s just not happening.  so, i’ll leave you with a few random tidbits, and we’ll start the awesomeness tomorrow.

1. clarins UV plus sunscreen SPF 40 is a miracle potion.  my freakishly sensitive, freckle- and sunburn-prone skin has nary a blemish after a week in the hawaii sun and surf.  tomorrow, i have a fantastic Q&A with their head skincare expert to share with you…so look forward to that!

2. i’m on a huge exotic floral print kick now (big shock), and these beautiful notebooks from cartolina cards are hitting me in just the right spot.  at $4 each, they’re cuter than most of what i saw in hawaii…i’m considering buying a stack and passing them off as souvenirs!

3. it was snowing when i arrived home…welcome back.  but i refuse to be defeated – inhabit is sample sale-ing my favorite, light-as-a-feather stretch cashmere cardigan and v-neck (as well as some other pieces) for $80 each this week…that’s down from more than $300.  i’m stocking up on as many colors as i can afford.  ready, set, shop!

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