bling on the cheap

nothing like a jewelry sale (or two) to brighten your wednesday morning, right?  and if i threw in shoes?  don’t worry, you can thank me later.

first up, alexis bittar (known for his mod, chunky styles and his celebrity fan club) has marked just about everything on his site 50% off.  so, grab one of his signature lucite bangles, a very marni-eque graphic necklace, or something a bit more refined.  i happen to be obsessed with cameos, so this piece is at the top of my list.  sure, it’s not free…but bittar’s designs are well worth a little coin.  

next up is a pretty fantastic sale going on at plaza too.  i haven’t written them up in aeons, because i had a pretty heinous customer service snafu there once upon a time.  but, we’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that things have improved (please let me know if you find this isn’t the case, and i’ll ream them on your behalf).  they’ve just marked their entire jewelry collection down 50%, and their sale shoe collection is an additional 30% off, so most are in the 75-80% discount range.  all are final sale, but there are some pretty remarkable deals to be found.  a very spicy python-embossed loeffler randall boot for $175, a fantastic purple suede wedge from kate spade for $77, and last year’s frye paige riding boots (vastly superior to this year’s buckly version), marked down to $209.

on the jewelry front, they have everyone from gerard yosca to kara ross, isharya, marcia moran…and some other alexis bittar pieces that weren’t on sale at his site (sigh, i was all excited initially because they stock chan luu…but turns out he’s excluded).  still, there are definitely some deals to be had!  grab some of spring’s hot layered necklaces, a show-stopping jeweled cuff or two, or these beautiful rose quartz earrings i nabbed on my vacation – they’re amazing in person, particularly if your skin is as pale as mine!

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4 comments on “bling on the cheap

  1. Sal

    Man, it’s a good thing my credit card is locked in a safe or I’d be several hundred dollars poorer right now. SUCH great prices!

  2. tom Mendes

    Hiya Gang-
    Thanks for the posts-I am sorry to hear you had a bad experience with us-I am always available to remedy any pain you or any client suffers-I am most reachable either by personal email on the site or personal mobile-No need to resent only repair-:)
    keep up your fab work

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