cheap thrills: birds in paris!

as soon as i spied this pretty scarf over at dooce, i knew i had to share.  this is such a great way to embrace the trendy square scarf/bandana thing that’s going on right now!  first, it’s a great, black-based print that will help you pair it with any number of neutral ensembles.  second, the huge size (42″ square) means you can pull off the bandana tie but slouch the scarf in a way that keeps it from looking too cowboy chic (to accomplish this, see below).  and third, it’s a bargain-basement $24…so even if you call the whole thing off and use it as a sarong this summer, it’s still no serious loss.

grab it at urban outfitters, but do it quick…once it’s up on dooce, it’s bound to be gone in a flash.

tying instructions:  this is pretty easy, but if i botch it, you can also see video instructions here.  start by folding the scarf in half, on the diagonal.  hold the scarf in front of you, holding the two farthest points in either hand.  pull the ends behind your neck, and loop around, bring them to the front, and tie in a knot.  i like to do this using the very ends, so that you have a lot of loose fabric to work with.  then, just play around with it until it slouches the way you like it!  there’s really no wrong way to do this, though i do tend to try to fold the fabric in the center over the knot, to hide it a bit. completely up to you, though!

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3 comments on “cheap thrills: birds in paris!

  1. Sal

    Utterly adorable … I’m quite sure it’s sold out by now, though! You’re right, that Dooce can really move product.

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