the dream: anya hindmarch exotics

since we had a cheap thrill yesterday, i thought you might forgive me for an insanely expensive thrill today.  but truly, can i just say that if i were to come into $2,500 suddenly, it would take me about 45 seconds to complete the ordering process for this beautiful vigo bag from anya hindmarch?  

this amazing bag just does absolutely everything right.  the python is glossy and perfectly puffy, and while the shoulder strap dresses it up, the navy shade (it’s shown here in black, but you can see the navy at anya’s website) keeps it young and fresh.  and i love the chain detail on the strap, but even more, i love that the part that actually touches your shoulder is leather – much more comfortable.  plus, python is notoriously lightweight, so it’s back-friendly too.  

i’ve been craving an exotic bag for at least a year now…and honestly, this is as close to perfection as i’ve ever seen.  if you’re in love as well, you can pick up the black version at net-a-porter…but for the navy, you’re going to have to take it up with anya’s stores.  they say they’re only shipping it within the EU, but i’m betting it’s at least worth a call to their new york showroom to see if they could work something out.

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