and the valentine goes to…

thank you ALL so much for entering the valentine’s giveaway, and for sharing with your friends…i do so love when i actually get to hear back from all of you lovely readers.  and seeing new “faces” on the site is always really exciting.

alas, i cannot afford to send each and every one of you a valentine…but here’s hoping that perhaps the winners will share.

so, courtesy of my random number generator…

the winner of that lovely terra collection tee is comment #21 from alyssa, who won with her bonus entry from posting the giveaway on facebook!  

and the decadent ballotin bonbons go to entry #16, from janessa – who i believe will be having a very merry valentine’s day indeed, gorging herself on all that lovely sugar.

ladies, you’ll both need to email me at editor [at] shoppingsmycardio [dot] com by monday to claim!  

for those who missed out, there’s a retail valentine coming up (but of course)…and in the meantime, i’m sending serious love and gratitude your way.  how’s that for a little schmoopy?

(ps…that darling pic above is from the slew of kate spade e-valentines that are available to send to your love, free of charge.  check it out!  or, if you’re feeling a little more crafty, use the website set up by ralph lauren fragrances to create a slideshow of lovey-dovey couple pics, complete with music, and drop that in his in-box…just make sure he knows it’s not a bad hint for a bottle of perfume.)

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