luxe or less: marni vs. target



we’re going to be talking a lot about florals in the next couple of weeks…after all, it’s spring, and florals are a perennial stand-by for the season.  but this year, the styling is a lot more hip and nontraditional…which i’m loving.  these bags are a great case in point.  i love the abstract leaf patterns, and they’re a great twist on a classic floral, which can get a little laura ashley.  (i do, however, love taking a really traditional floral pattern and mixing it with an ultra-mod design…something along the lines of this fab charlotte ronson dress, or that steven alan top we talked about.)

either of these bags would be a great way to bring a little of that hot spring floral into your life – i’d add one to a winter-friendly ensemble like slacks and a blouse to warm things up a bit.  your choice:  left is marni, $600 at net-a-porter; right is hayden-harnett, $49.99 at target.

so, which one would you choose:   luxe or less?

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6 comments on “luxe or less: marni vs. target

  1. Sal

    Not a huge fan of non-leather handbags, but if I were, I think I’d be just as happy with the Target one as I would with the Marni.

  2. Dana

    I have the Target bag, and absolutely love it- it’s a perfect bag for travel! Looks great with jeans and a simple top, too.

  3. A

    Pricing aside, I just prefer the look of the Target one. I actually thought that was the more expensive one. 😉

  4. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    you know, i love that we have differing opinions here…they’re both just lovely. for me, the target version is definitely the best option from a budget perspective. plus, i’m not sure that marni would fit over the shoulder. and, of course, there’s the added guilt about inevitably trashing a $600 canvas bag. but i do love the pattern a bit more, whereas the structure of the HH bag feels more hip. decisions, decisions…

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