j.crew strikes again

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yeah, i’m going to need this in at least two different colors for spring.  my name is becki, and i’m a cardigan-a-holic.  but i blame stupid j.crew, emailing me all the time, tempting me left and right.  

fortunately, not sure if i’m hallucinating, but it does seem that j.crew may have stopped dramatically overpricing things.  this cotton/cashmere cardi is just $68…and i have a feeling it would have been almost twice that this time last year. 

so, i’m totally justified in buying two…right?  

also worth checking out the silk/linen version, on sale for $58 – the colors aren’t as spring-tastic, but the fabric is…and the price is definitely right.


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9 comments on “j.crew strikes again

  1. Erin

    Since their release of March stuff last week, that was one of the items I added to my cart. It is super cute, and you’re right, you need two :o)

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    well, that’s the trick. my boring, neutral-palette heart says navy and putty. but bright tulip feels so spring-y and happy, and i know color works better on my freakishly pale skin. i’d have gone for the yellow in a heartbeat, but the “spicy olive” color name is throwing me off.

  3. loeffler.obsessed

    That is so cute!!! I haven’t been in J. Crew for a while now!!! Good reason to go and check it out!!

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