lillybee shoes giveaway winner!

here it is, the moment we’ve all (well, at least 132 of you) have been waiting for….

our winner is…entry #109, by anne, who said:

“LOVE the mary kate sandals. the color is so much fun, and they look so comfy too. plus how cute would they look with lavender toenails?”

a huge congrats to anne, who is now the envy of everyone here (myself included). be sure to email me by monday morning (editor at shoppingsmycardio dot com) with your deets, or we’ll have to draw a new winner!

i really want to thank all of you for entering, and for sharing with your friends…this was our most fun giveaway yet!  good to know you all are shoe freaks like me…i’ll see what i can do to line up something at least this fun for april.  and, of course, we have to give a big SMC hug to kassie of simply soles for giving away the goodies in the first place!  i’m sure many of you will be heading over to pick up your favorite pair of lillybees soon.  trust me – you’ll love them!!

and stay tuned next week – we’ll be talking spring trends, and how to tone down some of the crazier looks that are so hot for the season.  happy friday, everyone!

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