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for my readers who are less into the girly and frilly and more into high-functioning mod styles, allow me to introduce you to my latest find:  hlaska.  i actually considered saving this one for father’s day, because i so love their men’s offerings.  but the truth is that their women’s bags are pretty fantastic too.

designed in san francisco by a team of industrial designers, of all things, the entire collection at hlaska is strong in structural leanings, and focused on functionality.  take, for example, their women’s metric computer case (left, $100+).  for literally years, i have been looking for a slim laptop sleeve with handles that could be put over the shoulder.  there are loads of options with tote straps, or messenger straps, but nothing to just sit snugly under your arm.  hlaska, geniuses that they are, have come up with exactly that – in three different sizes, so your laptop will be snug as the proverbial bug.  

the piece that originally attracted me to hlaska is that darling little presidio clutch (pictured at top, $205).  the bag takes its styling cues from the golden gate bridge, which makes sense as soon as you see it.  i’ve had the chance to test drive this one, and honestly, it’s love.  i do admit that i wish it were a bit larger, but it’s absolutely perfect for a business lunch – stash a wallet and a few necessities inside, and there’s no need to lug a huge handbag in your wake.  plus, the colors are just beautiful in person, thanks to the vegetable-dyed leathers.

some other favorites:  i just love their vertex overnighter, a limited edition made from a specially-commissioned swedish fabric which just feels so retro and fun, it has me dying to throw this one into the back of a convertible and head off on holiday…with the matching train case, naturally.  oh yes, and the evergreen briefcase (in natural) which, despite being in the men’s section, is maybe the most perfect briefcase for a woman that i’ve ever encountered.  the designers actually embossed wood grain into the leather, creating a pretty amazing effect.  that one’s a bit of a splurge, but truly, these bags are just beautifully made, and every detail is attended to.  i have no doubt you’ll live a long and happy life with any of them.

check out all of the offerings at hlaska’s website – and let me know what you think!

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