manicure devotees rejoice…

picture-121one of my personal recession casualties has been the loss of my monthly mani/pedi.  and let me tell you, girls…it hurts.  i’ve been DIY-ing since i returned from hawaii, and i’m starting to tear up when i pass a salon. 

recently, in desperation, i popped open a tube of OPI’s avoplex cuticle oil to go…and, my hand to god, i was floored by the results.  i’m talking dingy, gross cuticles and the dryest of dry skin around my nails – and presto chango, i applied this stuff and suddenly everything was coming up roses.  hangnails disappeared, for crying out loud.  plus, it doesn’t leave my hands all oily and useless like most cuticle oils – it dries almost immediately.  i’m considering going on tour to sing my praises about this miracle potion.

between this and their chip skip polish primer (which miraculously manages to give me an extra 5-7 days of life on my polish), i just might be able to hold out for another month.

now, if only OPI sold something to duplicate that awesome foot massage….

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4 comments on “manicure devotees rejoice…

  1. Ruth B

    Ohhh..thanks for the tip. I just did my own nails today and was thinking I could use something like this!

  2. Lisa

    I was recently impressed from similar results that I experienced from CO Bigelow’s rose salve. Usually, I use this religiously on my lips, but in a moment of desperation I applied it to my cuticles-amazing! Neat, tidy looking cuticles that lasted through the whole day (even after a million hand washings). Just another suggestion for saving money on manis!

  3. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    lisa, you’re totally right – i love the rose salve for that use! in fact, in a pinch, i’ve used it as a pomade to smooth flyaways in my hair too 🙂 i love multi-taskers, don’t you?

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