some gilt love…and alexis bittar!

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so very excited about this one!  i’ve come to rely on gilt groupe more than the other myriad sample sale sites that have sprung up recently.  after a bad (okay, very bad) experience at hautelook, they’re on my do-not-shop list.  and most of the others just haven’t tempted me (though i predict that’s about to change…i’ll have more fun to share with you next week!).  

but gilt….ah, it’s love.  definitely the best brands of the lot, and the discounts are really amazing – most in the 50-75% off range (unlike some of their counterparts – 20% off does not a sample sale make).  plus, they have actual customer service people that resolve all problems…without making me mad.  major bonus.

and today, alexis bittar!  i’m so in the mood for his chunky, glam designs today…i can hardly wait for the sale to start (9 AM pacific, in case you’re counting t00).  that gold link necklace (look closely to see the detail – those links are scattered with multicolored stones!) is down to $250 from $575, and the earrings and that fantastic tourmaline cocktail ring are just $115 each.  

plus, we have a fun new surprise!  see that cute little “invitation” banner up above?  you can automatically join gilt now just by clicking this link!  (or the mega-banner, either one works.)  that’s right…no more annoying having to email me for an invite.  i admit, it’s a little sad for me, because i kind of like hearing from you guys!  but hey, technology…it never stops, right?

so, if you haven’t yet, jump on the gilt train…heck, just sign up and check it out for yourself!  something tells me you’ll get sucked right on in!

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4 comments on “some gilt love…and alexis bittar!

  1. Dana

    Can I ask what your experience with Haute Look was? I also had a really negative time with that site- they sent me the wrong size, then refused to exchange OR give me my money back! So now I’m stuck with a $150 credit. Ugh.

  2. shoppingsmycardio Post author

    dana, i hate to get into details here…i’ll probably get sued or something! but i agree…their policies and customer service aren’t what they should be. it’s just not worth it. shopping should be fun! 😉

  3. Dani

    i’m also curious about what your hautelook nightmare was. i rarely actually like what sales they have, and i hate that when i do actually find something i like/really want, they NEVER have it after i’ve already ordered it… so i’m just racking up all these short-ship credits that i can’t use because all their sales suck!!! but gilt is a dream. 🙂

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